1. Smiling and dancing like it's your Bid Day... because it is!

Bid Day, also known as 'sorority Christmas', is one of the most unique and incredible experiences that come with being a Greek woman. These women who have offered to take you under their wing and care for you, for the rest of your life might I add, take an entire day to celebrate you and the friendship that is to come! Let that set in. It's actually quite amazing if you really embrace it.

2. You meet hundreds of cool women within a couple of weeks.

BAM! You're surrounded by the next world-class authors, architects, engineers, geoscientists, heck maybe even the future POTUS. Enjoy your time with them because, with a group of people this incredible, life is gonna get really busy really fast.

3. In what feels like a blink, you've got your big.

After what feels like a solid week, you are paired with an older sister and things start to feel very real. You're forming real bonds, going on real adventures, and getting close to real girls who already have your back.

4. You spend the next couple of months leaning on your new sisters and figuring out how this whole thing works.

College is weird. It's even weirder for freshmen just trying to survive their first semester. Having 90+ women in the same situation walking through it with you is the best gift ever.

5. Maybe you'll meet the best friends you've always dreamed of?

Maybe, just maybe, you'll sit down at an event for your class next to two girls named Sydney & Courtney and life is never the same again? No? Just me? Sorry.

6. Every day is spent around people who support you and love you well.

Take a deep breath. These women will keep you going.