When We Were young

When We Were young

When we were young we were going to be super heroes, astronauts and the President.


When we were young,

A book of wallpaper samples, as simple as it may be, became paper dresses, doll house lining and holiday decorations.

A rain drain on the edge of a cul de sac became the home of alligators, it’s drain cover our own sword in the stone.

A ditch in the woods becomes a mud slide and poison ivy becomes the sign of an incredibly fun day.

Small patches of grass were valleys, the daydreams they inspired transferring over to sleep. Elves dance and play, cities come to life in our minds.

When we were young,

Our definition of running away was hiding behind the neighbors shed where mom could see you from the kitchen.

Hours of walking was the greatest of entertainment, oh the secrets those fields of corn must keep.

Staying up all night was the ultimate challenge not the dreaded light of a night of work.

The cemetery was for hide and seek, not a place where the creators of our greatest memories lie.

Money was a Christmas gift not a daily stress.

The horrors of the world existed only in the TV screen, those things are only in movies they could never really be seen.

When we were young

Adults had all the answers they weren’t playing the same game.

The goal was a castle not a 3 bedroom with an affordable mortgage

When we were young

We were going to be super heroes, astronauts and the President.

We were all friends.

When we were young we couldn’t wait to grow up.

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