When Someone Stops Loving You

When someone stops loving you

The news doesn't talk about it, the sun still rises and sets, the clock still ticks, your heart beats, even though you don't really want it to. Because truly, when someone stops loving you, you feel like the whole world comes crashing down. You kind of just want the world to stop. You feel like there is no way to move on.

You wish all of these things could happen, but they don't. When someone stops loving you, your world does not end. You can still go on without them. It may take 120% effort every single day and you may not feel truly normal for awhile, but you can do it.

And while I can sit here and type on a computer, "I know you can do it! You can move on from them! You are too good for them!" I am also going to say that when someone stops loving you, it fucking sucks. I get it. I've been there too.

When someone stops loving you, you feel like your whole world ends and a new one begins. The world of happiness is gone and the world of sadness has opened up. You no longer talk about the good times with a smile, but you think about them with tears in your eyes. Your heart aches when you hear their voice instead of fluttering.

It's a terrible feeling. To know that someone stopped loving you. It isn't that you stopped loving them or that you grew apart, but that they just stopped loving you. Just like that, in an instant, in a slow build. Neither way is better than the other

You gotta keep their number in your phone in case they call you one night when they are drunk and all alone. Yeah, you pray for that. We all do. We all pray for that miracle: them realizing that they were wrong and that they miss you and want you back. Some might, but most won't.

It is a terrible feeling, but truly, the hardest part about it is that there isn't a switch that you can flip because you can't stop loving them. No matter how hard you try, you can't stop loving them. And that is okay.

There is no rule that says when someone breaks up with you that you need to be okay. You need to move on immediately and stop being sad. No, you don't. And don't ever let anyone tell you that you need to do those things.

We all need that mourning time. Whether it is through tears, anger, laughter, or just peace and quiet, we will all mourn the way that we want. Because the pain of knowing that someone stopped loving you needs more time than just a few hours. And that is okay.

"When someone stops loving you, it don't make the evening news. It don't keep the sun from rising, the clock from winding, the heart from beating even when you want it to."

Written in honor of Little Big Town's "When Someone Stops Loving You."

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