Not over pack.

I personally am a repeat offender of this. Even when I have gone home for just a weekend I find myself packing way more than I need. I plan out an outfit for everyday, bring all my makeup and then end up in sweatpants every day.

Do your homework.

Even though we think that home means that we are scott free of responsibilities unfortunatly this is not true. If you are worried about this try doing your homework before you go home for break or bring it with you and when you are just hanging around in your sweatpants (which you will be) try to cram some in.

Account for a long distance drive.

For those of you who might not live that close to campus, here are a few tips for you. Remember to fill your gas tank all the way up because who wants to risk getting caught in traffic and not having gas. You should always check your tire pressure because driving with low air in your tires is dangerous

Lock your dormroom door.

There's really not much to this one unless you want all your valuables stolen. we know they all do not come home with us so you should lock your door
Make sure all your outlets are unplugged-even if we think leaving our fridge on is a good idea because then we wont have to bring home all that food home /throw it out.

This last one is pretty much a given for everyone everywhere!