We have all heard the saying, "Until God opens the door, praise Him in the hallway." The quote has a lot of potential. It can give light to a hard situation, but most likely it is spoken by someone who has no other words to say. Those people are trying to help and be kind, but they most likely don't know what you're going through. That quote is a lot easier said, then done. The idea of just waiting for the door to open is not simple.

They have no idea that you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how many people tell you it's there. They have no clue that you lay down at night wondering why it had to be you. People have no clue that life seems to be crashing down right in front of you and you have no way of stopping it.

But, God. God knows. God cares. God loves. Yet, even though you know that, it's hard to accept. You wonder why you? Why did it have to be no? And even if it wasn't a no, we're still not satisfied with a "hang on."

We've grown up and/or surrounded ourselves with a society that says "yes, yes, yes." We have no patience anymore. We lean on "me" more than we lean on others. We trust our gut more than our faith.

God is screaming at us to just trust Him. He truly wants you, but not just 85% of you. He wants ALL of you. Until you fully surrender yourself to Him, you being told to wait will never make sense to you. You will continue to go back and forth and try to find a loophole to the answer. You will search for shortcuts instead of running to Him.

The waiting game is no fun. It is hard to sit and wait around for an answer that you long to have. It's hard to have your future rely on something totally out of your hands. It is hard to simply trust because we, as a society, have strayed so far away from dependency.

My biggest struggle is being too independent. I like to do things completely and totally on my own. I live in this bubble that makes me believe that my way is the best way and I don't need to depend on others because they'll just let me down anyway. It is truly a beautiful feeling and sight to truly depend solely on Christ even when He tells you to wait. Give it over to Him. HE will never let you down. Just because He said to wait, doesn't mean He is telling you no.