When 26 means the end of your childhood life.

When 26 means the end of your childhood life.

Being 26 is going to be rougher than I had expected


On the 20th of this month (August) I turn 26, I know I am so old....but, really I feel old, washed up, and exhausted (such a cheery way to start this article). Turning 26 means there are a lot of things that will have to happen for myself to continue being a lovely, wonderful, and productive adult.

Searching for Healthcare was/will be a pain in the ass! Multiple hours on the internet, filling out multiple applications, researching and seeing how much money I could afford to spend on the healthcare. But, at the end of the day I will be insured and have coverage for my medications and doctors.

Paying back my school loan has been a hall and a half and I still have a decade of doing so, I know I should be excited I was able to go to school.....which I am, but I am not excited to pay it off....

Consolidating Credit Card Debt, yes the dreaded credit card and what not. I started my own business on my own without taking out any loans, which to me, myself, and I is an amazing accomplishment. But, paying it all back has been a nightmare. I have to say I fell into the, "I got sad and bought things," yes I know terrible, but I am only human.

The biggest thing is I will officially be older than my late older brother. This is incredibly heart breaking and has caused me to delve into a border line anxiety and depression state. I wish that I would forever be his little sister, but I will now be his little, bigger, and older sister.

With all of this stress it causes me to be physically sick and mentally drained. I love what I do and I am very fortunate with the life I have. But, even with all of this life can still be difficult and hard. This is where I leave this article; confused, sad, and not wanting to grow up.

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