What's So Wrong With Being A Progressive?
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What's So Wrong With Being A Progressive?

Cast aside your political views and think critically.

What's So Wrong With Being A Progressive?
The San Diego Union-Tribune

Progressive: People who are progressive favor reform and civil liberties — this is the opposite of conservative, and means something close to liberal.

The current race for the presidency has shown America a lot. It has shown that anyone can be president; even a xenophobic, racist billionaire can attain votes. We also learned that the majority of Americans favor a progressive culture; crumbling walls of prejudice and challenging the status quo.

This election has brought Millennials into politics. We have the incomparable Bernie Sanders to thank for this. People tend to confuse us as absent-minded, self-indulgent narcissists. Contrary to belief, we are actually well-educated young people who want to make a living in a country that our previous generations have wrecked for us. We are the target of right-wing media. Why? It's because we outnumber past generations. They fear us destroying their corrupt government games. They fear that we will make the country how we want it.

So, you may ask, how do we want it? Well, there are many things we want. We want to be able to afford a college education without putting ourselves in crippling debt. How are we supposed to contribute to society when we are paid starvation wages? How can we contribute if we cannot afford a home or even a family? Our grandparents could afford college. They could buy every luxury they wanted. Why? It's because we are seen as a money making scheme. We should be seen as an investment. If America is all about opportunity, then why don't we get these opportunities?

We also believe in a woman's right to choose. How can you justify your religion as an excuse to tell a young girl who was raped that she has to carry her baby? If we are told to love our neighbor, then we shouldn't judge them on something that isn't any of our business.

Moreover, what's wrong with being passionate about protecting our environment? How can we neglect the beautiful world we live in? How can people deny climate change? We have a responsibility as a species on this planet to maintain it, not destroy it or its creatures.

I could go on for days about what us Millennials are sick of. Then again, I would loose the focus of this piece. So, all of these past topics I briefly discussed are said to be a part of the "liberal agenda." On the contrary, none of these are radical ideas.

As a Progressive, I want to see real change in this country. I want to see us Americans better ourselves. We are more than the hateful bigots. We should see a person based on their character, and not on predetermined old-world views. We are more than our past. We want to see our country continue to change its culture. You may ask, what was wrong with the culture before. Well, there was a lot:

-The KKK


-Jim Crow Laws

-Our colonization of America and mass killing of the Native Americans

-The Salem Witch Trials

-Practically being anti-LGBT until President Obama's historic legislation of same-sex marriage

The list goes on and on. Our country has a dark past. Sometimes, I think people still want to live in this world. For example, Ted Cruz: a man who wants religion to be the law of the land. Donald Trump: a presidential candidate who has been endorsed by the KKK and has done nothing to disapprove of it.

We young people want the change that our country needs. Look at so many great Progressive things our country has done: giving women the right to vote, social security, the beginning(s) of universal healthcare.

Our country has what it takes to keep this momentum up. What's so wrong with continuing it? We were always seen as a safe haven to the world. A melting pot of cultures. A country where anyone of any background could achieve their dreams. Sadly, today, we have seen that a decent amount of Americans still want to live in a world of hate and fear. The majority of us want to continue positive change. The future we want to be in. With no prejudice, equal opportunity and justice, no matter your ethnicity or sexual orientation.

So, after reading this ask yourself, "What's wrong with being a Progressive?' What's wrong with wanting these excellent things? Look at the few elected officials who wants this change: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama. I myself want to live in this world. I believe that the majority of Americans do, too.

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