Mid-Way Through

As I sit in my dorm watching Philomena getting in the mood for my Irish Drama and Performance class, I realized something:

I am half done with college.

Several thoughts have popped into my head at that moment. Many I can't write down to due to personal reasons . Time is a funny thing when you stop to think about it. My favorite bands have been together for almost 20 years . T.V shows have either ended or going on for more then years. Here are the top five thoughts that have popped into my head :

1. Holly Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Take the last four words, and take the first letter from each of them. That was the first thought when the thought crept into my head. It seems like just yesterday I was moving into my freshman dorms. Now, it three weeks into my second semester of my sophomore year. Time had flown by.

2. I feel old

I know I 'm not but, I still feel it. I sided with the villain in a kids movie; that's when you know you're getting old. Though I will admit, I was tempted to go to Chuck cheese with a bunch of people but decided against. They never said you don't have to stop being a kid at heart. Plus, I will be one of the first one in the bouncy house castle.

3. A-lot of things have happen.

From the start of my college experience, things have happened. Some have been fantastic like seeing Hamilton last year meeting the cast, and also meeting Jamie Hymdman one of my t.v personalities since I was kid, in-turn crossing something off my bucket list. There have been some other fantastic things that have happened but, those are for another list or too personal to share. On the other end of the spectrum. I lost my grandmother. It had slipped into my head as well because this past week was the one year anniversary of her death. But instead of being sad for her, I raise my Shirley Temple to her.

4. I've changed

Anyone who has know me or is close to me knows that I have changed, for the better or worse depending on who you ask. I've become more outspoken about some things. I've stopped eating pepperoni and yogurt together. (Yes Eli, that actually happened). Though according to my mother, the best example of how I have changed comes in this story. In Disney world this past summer, we were eating at this fancy Disney restaurant and Cinderella accidentally missed our table and was standing in the corner. My mom suggested one of us go get her to bring her over to the rest of the table. I went over to her and told her I had the perfect socks for her, which I showed her because I was wear my "I lost my shoe" supernatural socks; this got her to laugh. I would never have down this two years ago. But I've changed.

5. What Comes Next?

(Sorry I couldn't resist). Well, I'm working my second SM show and my lost track ASM show. These I'm sure will bebring some great memories to . I"m going to Ireland , something I have been looking forward to since I was a kid. Before I know it, my college expeierence will be done. What ever is next: Bring it on.

Thanks for reading! :)

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