In the day of social media, we have a look that pertains to everyone’s eye. It’s called the “Baddie” Look, and if you are unfamiliar with the term, you might as well have been living under a rock for the past several months. In that case, a “Baddie” is informally defined as a girl who dress in very attractive style, normally paired with being thick and having a large ass, along with plump lips, which is paired with having their faces beat to death with makeup. If you’re having a hard time creating this mental image, think Kylie Jenner, nothing more. Hairstyles and cultural appropriation (which you can learn more about here) included in this visual.

Now sure, I’m not knocking on girls wanting to be themselves and dress how they want to, but I draw the line at when a culture has elements that all pulled from others. This poses to be a problem when these aspects that make up “Baddie” Culture are not socially acceptable for people of color. I do not mean that others look down upon them, but words associated with the style are “ratchet” and “ghetto” which both have negative connotations to them. Both are seen to people as being gross and unclean, but when a white person copies the style and fashion it is considered a “Baddie” or is accepted as society’s definition of beauty, which puts everything in a very different light.

Like I said before, I am not here to bash people for dressing and doing things that make themselves feel good, but it’s important to accept that you are taking the style of another race and making it popular due to your skin tone (Pointing fingers at you Kylie Jenner) A lot of it, although no intentional, due cause other races to feel like they aren’t being credited where this type of credit is due. You know that nail trend of super long-longs matched with fingers full of rings? This style mainly came from Hispanics and Blacks, although it wasn’t cute or anything at this point, many people just thought it was an ugly trend created by minorities. Kylie's overdrawn lips and large ass? Blacks as well. (She even credited herself to “bringing wigs back” which is quite ridiculous as well.)

Credit should be given where credit is due, and others should not feel as if they are having their styles ripped off of.