What Your Man Bun Says About You

The man bun. Have you ever pondered it? Are you thinking about getting one? Do you currently have a man bun? Are you a female, and therefore cannot have a man bun? Are you a female and adore the man bun? It seems like you can't drive around Nashville without seeing one or two (thousand) of these popular and progressive male hairdos. Whether you're rocking the look, thinking of trying it out, or admiring it, you should always be informed about what a man bun says. When analyzing, you can group them into three different levels based on the commitment one has to the look.

1. The Low Bun
This look is perfect for those who are unsure about the man bun. If you meet one who is wearing the low bun, this look shows that there is a sense of commitment, but there is also free-spiritedness and some rebellion to "the man."

2. The High Bun
This bun is slightly more in-your-face, and the wearer wants it to be that way. The high-bunners of the world are typically introspective creatures who pile their hair on top of their head to accentuate their most valued asset: their mind. They constantly ponder life, putting their money where their mouth is, so to speak.

3. The Half-and-Half Bun
This look is a laid-back one. The wearer of this look most likely loves his bun so much that he slept in it, therefore supplying the tousled look.

4. The 'Business on the Sides, Party on Top' Bun
This look shows more commitment, as you cannot easily hide a half-shaved head and still be taken seriously. As shown in the picture, the wearers of this style may wear floral patterned shirts, and are most likely unashamed with showing their emotional side. If you want to take long walks on the beach and volunteer at a retirement home with a partner, look for those sporting this man bun.

5. The Bun + Beard Combo
Wearers of this style either look really good or really like the Yeti. What this look says about the wearer is that they probably grow hair very, very quickly.

6. The ABUNdance
These guys are hairy blessed. Share some of the wealth, bros.

Twerk Them BUNS
Buns made famous by Miley Cyrus. And I'm not just talking about the hair.

8 The Crash and BUN
....This guy just need a haircut.

9. I Like Big BUNS
What happens when multiple man bun wearers hang out. They feed off each other.

10. The Friends With BUNifits

Like Harry Styles, this "hairy style" is j
ust plain good (even if that pun wasn't). But truly, this is the best bun of them all.

If you are a man still thinking about growing out your hair after all of this, you might as well go for it and be committed. The world needs more of you. I wish all you man-bunners and man-bun-watchers a hairy BUNderful day.

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