Consistent self confidence has always been a reoccurring obstacle throughout my 21 years of life.

From a young age, I have struggled to find my place in this world. Find ways to make myself stand out.

I was constantly seeking ways to make those around notice and admire me.

Yes, I definitely wanted attention. We all do at some point.

And it's hard. In the world we are in today, it's so difficult to feel adequate. We want the most likes on social media, to be recognized, to have a large amount of friends in order to feel popular. We want to be seen as the best.

But these are only ideas of how the outside world perceives you.

And yeah I'm all for "being the best you" and flourishing through your talents, however you should do so for yourself. Not to improve how you're seen.

Others perceptions should never define your confidence.

Self confidence comes from within.

Worry about loving yourself, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.

Seriously people!!

We must learn that confidence is not the idea of being like someone or something.

But it's about being ourselves, and owning it.

You should embrace your quirks and weirdness. Your flaws and mistakes. The traits that you tend to hide because you're afraid of the reaction of others around you.

Who cares that you're different, you're YOU.

And no one can ever be you!

Like ever.

YOU have to choose to believe in yourself.

Love yourself.

Be your own kind of confident.

And some may find themselves striving to feel more confident.

Truth is, we've all been there. We are all human and we have experienced insecurities from one time or another.

It's about making habits. You have to get into a routine of thinking positively and building yourself up.

First, you must start your day on a good first step.

Getting up a little bit earlier, eat a good breakfast, and arrive early (if you know me at all this is my weak spot!!). Allowing yourself enough lead way time to your destination will prevent added stress and anxiety!! Reduce the feeling of being rushed.

Something I have personally been working on over the past few years is to keep my head up when I'm walking to class. Unfortunately, it's so easy to just look down when walking across campus. Your in a hurry, your head's buried in your phone, trying to get to class (in my case almost running late).

It doesn't take long to look up and smile at the person walking past you. All my RBF ladies, you know what I'm talking about.

Show off that pretty smile. Be more open and approachable.

And speaking of being more approachable, do not be afraid to speak up in class. Put yourself out there to answer questions and state your opinions.

Yes- you risk the chance of giving the wrong answer. However, your teachers notice your effort put forth. I promise, it'll help you out in the long run.

Plus, it will help you become more confident in your opinions. You will begin to feel more comfortable about speaking out.

And eye contact. You should practice maintaining eye contact daily, whether it be during the brief interaction with a stranger, or nervously answering a question in class.

Great eye contact is a sign of confidence.

Truth is, everyone enjoys compliments, to be noticed. Everyone, at some point and time, strives to be admired and loved.

And right now if you're thinking no I don''re lying to yourself.

Because we're all human. We're all made of emotions and feelings.

And that's okay!!

So why not build up someone else's confidence when working on your own?

Let's help build each other up, not tear each other down!

Next time your admiring a complete stranger's shoes, go out of your way and say so! This will also help you come out of your shell and talk to those you don't know. You will grow to be more outgoing.

Being nice to others will promote positive vibes, and don't we all want that??

Improving your self confidence will improve your overall happiness. In return, improve your overall health.

So capture your confidence.

Figure out what you're good at, what you can flourish in.

Learn who you really are and what you're really about.

And soak it all in!!

Own what makes you confident.

And work it.