I have always wondered what my print would look like on the world. How would I be remembered? Would my friends and family miss me? Would they tell strangers about the crazy memories we shared? Or would they tell them about my good heart and how I would give my shirt off my back just to help someone in need? I hope that they will go to strangers and tell them how I tried to change the world. The reason why I joined the army. Tell them about how I would sleep for hours and be cranky waking up. That you can try to wake me up four times and I will still fall back to sleep. Or how I would laugh with my best friend Emily for hours on end just because of something stupid I did.

I wonder if you will tell them about my dreams of being in the SVU and flying in helicopters. How I will change my job career seven times and drove you crazy, but yet I still stuck with psychology and the Army. Will you tell them about my procrastination? Will you tell the stranger about getting my heartbroken yet I still will find the good in people. Make sure you tell them about my work ethic and how I will make sure the job gets done no matter the obstacles that pop up. I hope you tell them about my smile because it is KILLER and my eyes they will win over anyone's heart. Most importantly tell them about the love I gave and the dreams I had and how I wanted to make an impact in this whole scary world.

If I have kids tell them how I was growing up, tell them every memory you have of me, tell them how much I wanted them and how much I loved them. Tell them how much I care about them, tell them everything you can think of, tell about my parents, my friends. I woke up one day and my dad was gone, I woke up and my two best friends were never coming back. I want to hear the stories of my father. How I have his eyes, his smile, his hair, I want to hear about the stories of him growing up. People ask about my tattoos, and the stories come out. I tell the strangers about you dad, and about you Colton. I tell them about the love you gave me, how you stayed up till 4 am to talk to me, I tell them about the love I have for you. That you are my best friend and you are always here. So to my friends and family tell the strangers about me.