I am the type of person to dwell on the past, even if it was 10 years ago. I'm only 19, but I've lived just a little bit of life. I've had more experiences than I can recall, but I still haven't grazed the surface. I am not at all proud of some of the things that I have done in my life, but some things I would do again.

1. It Never Hurts To Be Kind

It's never hurt you in the past, so continue to do it in the future. If someone doesn't reciprocate your kindness, that does not make you the dumb, inferior one. It builds patience and character that you wouldn't have if you decided to lash out. And this is way easier said than done. That's why it takes time.

2. Don't Beat Yourself Up

You are notorious for this, but it must stop or at least be less frequent in the future. You fail sometimes. But you are not a complete failure.

3. Find The Right Friends

Good friends are few and far between. When you make friends with someone that you feel is a toxic relationship, do not be afraid to distance yourself. Holding on to toxicity will eventually make you toxic.

4. Work Hard

Work hard to pursue Christ. Work hard in school. Work hard at your friendships. Work hard at your gifts. Work hard at resting. Work hard at pursuing peace and self-acceptance.

5. Take Time To Mend

Do not allow life to get too busy that you don't take the time to allow God to heal your brokenness. Also, do not allow yourself to dictate the person you will be when you are mended. In other words, don't ask God to mend your brokenness for your benefit. Continually ask for it to be mended so that He is glorified.

6. Pursue Your Gifts

You only have one life. You only have one set of passions and gifts (although these can be discovered at different times). Pursue your passions through everything. Do not be afraid to approach them differently to find what fits you best. Cultivate your talents and use them to help and love other people.

7. Set Goals

Do not be afraid to set high goals for yourself, but don't be disappointed if they don't happen the way that you want them to. Sometimes our goals don't fit the way we think they should, and that's okay.

8. Find Time To Be Alone

I never realized how valuable this was until I saw the results of being by myself for a little while and how it affected my relationships. You have time to reflect on your life and what you want to do. You can write, read, pray, and think. This makes you a better person. It builds patience and teaches you.