What Women Wear To The Beach Is None Of Your Business
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What I Wear To The Beach Doesn’t Define My Character, So Mind Your Own Business

I'm growing tired of people bashing girls for simply wearing what they're comfortable in this summer.

What I Wear To The Beach Doesn’t Define My Character, So Mind Your Own Business
Ashley Sizemore

“Don't wear a one-piece, everyone is going to think you're a prude."

“Don't wear that bikini, you don't want everyone to think you're easy."

“Those bikini bottoms are too cheeky, think of the children."

“Take off your cover up, you look so self-conscious!"

“You should really buy a swimsuit that flatters your skin tone."

As a young woman, I am at the point where I am constantly fed up with all of the mixed messages being thrown at girls on the beach or at the pool. Swimsuit shopping is already something I put off and dread, so the public comments are making it much worse. I'm not one to usually care what people say, but when I'm seeing it on a national level, I know it's time to share my opinion on the subject.

I'm tired.

Tired of hearing everyone else's opinion of what I should wear when I'm at the beach with my friends or lying poolside trying to get a tan.

Tired of hearing about how I might affect the youth a couple towels down and what their mothers just might think about me.

Let me tell you one thing: I do not care. Not at all, not one bit.

When I'm wearing a swimsuit (of any kind), I only want to have one thing on my mind, which is if I am comfortable or not, and if that means wearing a two-piece scrappy 'bikini, then so be it.

Now of course, what I am comfortable in may not be what all of my friends like to wear, but that is OK!

We're all going to look bomb anyway, no matter what the opinion is of the bitter mother a few seats down at the resort pool.

The point is, what I choose to wear and what those around me choose to wear at the beach, pool, or water park is nobody's concern except for their own. What I feel most comfortable in does not say anything about my morals or my character, it merely shows what I am comfortable in. We are told constantly as young women that we need to support each other, but it's hard to do that when I have someone's mother talking bad about the Instagram posts of someone my age, or one of my female friends on Snapchat sharing a story where they degrade other girls for being confident in wearing their new bikini.

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I am simply stating that people need to mind their own business. Sorry not sorry, but I am not offending anyone's children by having a good time this summer.

If you happen to be one of the people who are against my summer habits and what I like to wear, I hope for your sanity that you never find yourself on a nude beach.

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