"Slow the hell down."

In a nutshell, I have a pretty hectic and fast-paced life. I work too much, sleep too little, and I can't seem to understand that I'm supposed to enjoy the little things.

I wish future me would send me a letter, an email, a tweet, something, just to tell me how it should be. I wish future me would just give me some pointers. At some point, I realize that I'm not as big of a failure as I persuade myself that I am, but still, I feel like I should be further in my life than I am. I wish I could have a guide to let me know I'm doing just fine, or I'm at least on a relatively good course. I can imagine twelve ways to Sunday what it'd say, and every time, I would hope for this:

"To myself,

Slow the hell down. You work too much, sleep too little and you won't stop to enjoy the little things. But you should. Please realize that these aren't the things you'll remember. You won't remember that power bill you were short on, the extra shift you picked up or the stressful night that accompanied it. You won't remember the good nights of sleep, or the peaceful day off you took, or even the feeling you got after you came home from that 13 hour shift. What you will remember are the memories. The good times with the love of your life (Or, if we're gonna reference Freshman year, your lust-of-the-month. Either way.)

You're going to remember those sporadic road trips and the day-drives to the beach, the funny inside jokes and the nostalgia you get from the pictures you took while doing all of these things. Stop thinking you have to work your way into the ground, stop thinking that the money you're going to miss from those few hours are going to completely sink you. . . It's just money. I know you think you have to work your way to success, but you're in your early 20s. You're still so young.

I'm not sure why you, why we, thought that we were supposed to have our shit together, but trust me. You've got time. You're still so young, and nothing, and I mean nothing will mess with your head more than thinking that you're supposed to be grounded and established by 24. That's one sure way to make sure you overthink, over analyze and completely ruin your self worth. You are so much better than the thoughts of underachievement and belittlement. You are an intense bundle of intelligence worthy of your own self-praise, and you're doing just fine.

Please, I want you to work less, and enjoy the time with your fiance and loved ones. Take a trip to that place you've not been too yet. Trust me, you're going to love it. You're better than your worst self-image. You are beautiful. You are perfect potential, and you are significant."