To My Little Sister

To my little sister,

You may think that I’m being mean or harsh or maybe you think I don’t want you to live your own life. I want you to experience things on your own, I do, but as your older sister I want to protect you from things that I know are out there. I don’t want you to go through the heart breaks, people talking behind your back. As your older sister I want you to live a life that is wonderful without experiencing physical, mental, and emotional pain. I know you’ve been through your fair share of things, but if I can prevent those things from happening in the future I want to try.

You’re young and reckless, exactly what a teenager should be, but I love you too much and care for you too much to let you live in this cruel and unusual world on your own. I will always be that big sister that questions your every decision, to make sure you know one hundred and ten percent what you are doing and if its the right decision. I’ll forever be the big sister that is jealous of what you get to do because when I was your age never would I have been able to everything you’ve been able to do. I’ll always be there to catch you when you fall. I’ll be your best friend when there is no one else there for you. Yeah, you have your friends and best friends, but I’ll be that one family member that you can trust with all of your heart. I promise. I promise to not judge you, or tell you what to do, but I will ask you if you think its the right thing and go over different scenarios with you so that you know what the outcome will be like.

You’re beautiful. Understand that no matter what anyone says you’ll be the prettiest girl in my eyes. If you go through a break up, know that I’ll be there with you to help you know that they left an amazing and talented person and a beautiful one at that. You will go through your heart breaks over the years and I know I can’t fill the hole in your heart with my love because that love is different, but I do promise to hold you when you’re down, take you in, in your time of need and to help you get back on your feet.

Ultimately, I just want whats best for you. I want to be there to help through life decisions; wedding, kids, future. I want to be there for you through it all so you never have to feel alone. One day, I won’t be here and I just want you to know that I tried my hardest to be there. The day I’m gone I want you to remember our good times and not the times we spent fighting. Even from up above I want you do know that I love you.

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