What To Tell Someone With A Broken Heart, As Told By 20 Victims Of Heartbreak
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What To Tell Someone With A Broken Heart, As Told By 20 Victims Of Heartbreak

Here's what you wished you knew three years ago, three months ago or three days ago.

What To Tell Someone With A Broken Heart, As Told By 20 Victims Of Heartbreak
Olivia DeLucia

There is power in numbers. If there is only one number — yourself — isolation or loneliness can make you feel helpless. More often than not, when we are alone we are powerless. However, as Dr. Seuss states, "whether you like it or not, alone is something you'll be a lot." Sometimes, without putting our thoughts into perceptive, we often think we are the only person experiencing a certain emotion or situation.

Heartbreak. You don't know the true meaning of the feeling until you experience it. Although you hear about it on a majority of songs on the radio, see your favorite actresses in TV going through it, nothing hits ya like the real thing. Smack on the face — it comes at you right when you least expect it.

The worst part? You can feel pretty shitty for a while. Your confidence, your positivity, the ability to laugh and smile as simple as breathing is all gone. You may feel like you're the only one in the world going through this — "Gossip Girl's" Blaire Waldorf's break up doesn't even compare to the sadness you feel when someone brings up his name in conversation. However, in your times of feeling helpless know, you're not alone, you're not the only one that has felt this way.

The other day I was getting my formal dress altered by the sweetest, old, Italian lady. As she started to hem my dress, I told her how I wouldn't be wearing heels. "I'm too clumsy," I laughed "I'd fall over in them." She smiled and told me how she used to be the same way too. She said it wasn't so much of the fact that she was a klutz; however, it was a nervous tendency.

"I used to get so nervous that I would feel my palms getting sweaty every time I would talk to a boy when I was younger. It was a confidence thing." I smiled and said I have felt the same way.

"Isn't it funny," She pondered "Sometimes we think we are the only ones going through something, when in fact a lot of people have felt the same thing."

While she wasn't necessarily talking about heartbreaks, the lesson still applies. While you may think you're the only one in the world feeling what you're feeling you're not. In fact, hundreds of other humans have felt the same thing as you. And if they can make it through it — so can you.

Here's how to cure a broken heart, as told by 20 humans that have been through it, just like you:

1. "Something I wish I knew when I got my heartbroken was that it wasn't the end of the world. Even though it seemed like it was life was going to go on around me and it was better to realize that I would have to get through this, or it would bring me down. I also wish I would have known not to blame myself for my EX not seeing what I had to offer."

2. "A real man makes his lady feel like a priority, not an option"

3. "Life goes on and after you break up you'll probably be happier without him. Also, lean on your friends. Take all the time you used to spend and go do things with the people you love (and may have been neglecting since you were in a relationship.)"

4. "It's OK to take the time to be upset but remember how amazing you are as an individual. Focus on yourself and do what makes you happiest"

5. "Basically... You'll be fine homeslice. Basically, eat ice cream and listen to sad music. Also, half-baked, Doritos, and ginger ale cured me and my BFF freshman year,"

6. "Honestly if you think about how young you are, your heart is supposed to be broken a few times. Sadly, that is how you find your forever. It may such and feel shitty but there is no avoiding it. You are one step closer to finding who you are meant to be with and stronger than before. That feeling you feel, it's temporary and you'll make it through this. There are so many things in life to be happy about. Don't waste time dwelling on a boy. Focus on the future, and yourself. That's what really matters."

7. "People suck. But cheese fries don't"

8. "Look at those around you, especially those your family, because family is always there for you even though boys come and go until the right boy sticks. I mean, MAN. The right MAN sticks."

9. "If you can be happy before him you can be happy after him"

10. "When I went through a heartbreak I wish I knew that it is totally OK to be alone and there is nothing wrong with putting yourself first. Never settle for someone that treats you less than you are. I don't want my future children to get cheated on and I'll have to tell them that the same thing happened to me because of their dad... and that we worked it out. I want them to know that that behavior isn't OK and they don't deserve to stay with someone that does that. "

11. "Watch the movie Girl's Trip. It's funny but also there is so much truth behind it."

12. "Set time for yourself every day. Take care of yourself. Do yoga. Take a bubble bath. Paint your nails or whatever will do you justice. It's easy to become lethargic with healing when you're dealing with pain but helping yourself will help your heart heal."

13. "You are stronger than you think. Something better is waiting for you"

14. "I have definitely gotten screwed over by someone I grew to genuinely care about in the past. My piece of advice I wish I was given is just because you open yourself up to someone doesn't mean they will grow to care about you. I wish I hadn't let people take advantage of me and my body back then. I wish I appreciated how sacred my feelings and my body are. I wish I realized my self-worth."

15. "If they hurt you that badly, they don't deserve to do it again."

16. "Well, the one thing I learned in getting heartbroken is there needs to be a real-life Themyscira where women and gay men live together in harmony."

17. "If that guy really wanted to be with you he would have made it happen. If it hasn't happened yet there is no point in wasting time getting him to change his mind. So take that job, say yes to that grad school acceptance and it's OK to do things for yourself It's your life, it should be lived by you, and not based on a boy who is always going to end up always being just a friend anyways."

18. "Honestly, I shook that shit off pretty well after getting my first heartbreak at 15, but I gotta say focus on doing you. Chances are he will crawl back into your life at some point and you can reassess what you want."

19. "Each heartbreak was showing me what I wanted in a partner. "bless the broken road" kind of thing. Also, marriage is hard. Anyone who is married will agree it takes work. If you have issues before marriage, they won't go away, but be amplified - so make sure you're with someone with the compatible likeness in things that are important to you."

20. "My advice may not work for you. Or it might. Everyone is different and every break up is different. But the most important thing I can tell you is that timing is everything. You will be OK. You will get through this. I know that seems easier said than done and you don't know me. But trust a girl that got her heart broken over a year ago. A girl who couldn't eat, sleep, function, do anything. It's like losing a part of you, your best friend and having to cope with that while they are still out there living their life. So here is my best advice... don't talk to them, either delete them off social media or don't look at what they are doing, and the last thing I can say to you is. Know your worth, be true to yourself, dig deep into things that make you happy."

* * *

Remember, you're not the only one that has felt this way. These are only 20 people in this big ole world who have experienced the same thing you have. Take a breath, close your eyes, and mend your heart one day at a time. It will eventually be healed and able to love again – even if it feels like it won't.


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