Couponing sounds all great and fun, which it definitely is, but before you become an expert couponer there are some things you need to know before you get started.

1. Most store ads/weekly deals are Sunday till Saturday.

Most store ads/weekly deals are Sunday till Saturday.

2. Coupon inserts are found in your regional Sunday newspapers.

They can also be purchased at gas stations, pharmacies, and sometimes dollar tree. I recommend two newspapers a week to start off.

3. There are 3 brands of coupon inserts.

Smart Source (SS)

Retail Me Not (RMN)

And P&G

4. Not all inserts come every week.

P&G comes monthly usually the Sunday closest to the beginning of the month and SS & RMN are different each week like

1 SS and 2 RMN,

2 SS and 2 RMN and so on

5. Not every newspapers have the same coupons.

Some areas get the basic coupon inserts but some major areas get double that amount. I live in an average coupon insert area so I don't get as many coupons and deals as others, but you can order them online if you really want them.

6. You can print coupons on is a great place to print coupons if you need more and find coupons from other areas. You can also print two coupons per device (one coupon per print) on And don't forget to download the app on your phone for more coupon.

7. You can NOT use an insert coupon and coupon on 1 item.

Unless you have three of the same item and use two coupons from the inserts and one coupon from

8. You CAN use a store coupon and insert/ on the same item.

Insert/ are manufacture coupons but store coupons are different because the store is giving them out to sell more products.

I hope this helps you save money and keeps your wallet full!!!