Firefly Artist Spotlight: Chance The Rapper

Firefly Artist Spotlight: Chance The Rapper

What to expect from Chance the Rapper at Firefly 2017.

You can expect No Problems this year at Firefly Music Festival, with Chance the Rapper as one of the major headliners.

With his hit album "Coloring Book" released in 2016, Chance the Rapper has gained incredible recognition for his work of art which has resonated with millions of people throughout the world. From slow songs that really put you in your feels, to hype jams that make you want to party, you can expect a great show from Chance the Rapper, especially at such an iconic music festival.

Although Chance is recognized for rapping, he adds something different to this genre. He has incorporated the concept of the gospel into his songs with soulful emotion by the way he delivers his songs. With two songs on the album both entitled Blessings, he’s able to use his verses to deeply connect with his fans and those watching his performances. Along with the hit album Coloring Book, Chance has been known to perform some of his older music featured on Acid Rain that was released four years ago. Additionally, Chance is well known for collaborating with renounced artists such as Kayne West and Lil Wayne, which is why he typically does cover songs at his shows that appeal to his audiences.

There is another major factor that will make Chance the Rapper's performance at Firefly different than the other rap performers. He has not signed with a record label meaning that he does not make a profit from the music that he produces. This is highlighted in his hit song Blessings “I don’t make songs for free, I make them for freedom.” In an interview with Chance on the Ellen DeGeneres’s show, he explained that he wants to set an example for aspiring rappers to rap strictly for passion and not for the sole purpose of making millions of dollars. Despite his methods for producing music, Chance has still accomplished some major things that most rappers wish to. In February, he won a Grammy for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album (for his third release, “Coloring Book”) and Best Rap Performance for the song “No Problem.” Additionally, Coloring Book is the first album in the history of music to ever be nominated for a Grammy, that was available to the public for free to be streamed from Sound Cloud.

So, if you are attending Firefly this June, you are in for a treat with Chance the Rapper performing on Saturday night of this four-day long festival. Be prepared to connect with his music emotionally, and completely jam out to one of rap's best! (You won't be disappointed, I can promise you that!)

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