What To Do With Your Extra Halloween Candy
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What To Do With Your Extra Halloween Candy

If you have Halloween candy left over, there are places you can donate it!

What To Do With Your Extra Halloween Candy

If you’re anything like my overly-eager family and love Halloween, then that means you probably bought too much candy. Now I know what you’re thinking, too much candy?! That’s an oxymoron! But there are so many other places your extra candy can go after Halloween. Instead of sitting at the top shelf of your pantry that you plan to pass out again next Halloween (or is that just my family?)

    1. Operation Stars and Stripes. This organization has a main mission to let our military and their families know that they care. This mission is to let them know that America remembers and is thankful for all their daily sacrifices. They want to guarantee our troops know that they do not go unappreciated or forgotten. This great organization collects donations to send in care packages over seas. And just right after Halloween they have Operation Trick-or-Treat, where excess Halloween candy is collected and will be used in care packages. So, if this sounds like a cause to support, you just need to box it up and mail it over! Rosalyn-Sue Smith, PresidentOperation Stars & Stripes, Inc.
    483 Old Canton Road, Suite 100
    Marietta, GA 30068 OR Visit http://operationstarsandstripes.org/ for more information!
    2. Operation Shoe Box is an organization with the same ideas as Operation Stars and Stripes. It is the mission of Operation Shoebox to meet the needs of every hero with dignity and appreciation. With this organization, you can choose which branch of the military you would like to support. Operation Shoebox is committed to treating every hero with care and honor. They state: Operation Shoebox volunteers love packing boxes year-round with candy, but especially for the holidays. Collect bags of individually wrapped candies; heat-resistant candy is best in warm seasons. Mail your candy donation to: Operation Shoebox8360 East Highway 25 Belleview. Fl. 34420 OR visit http://www.operationshoebox.com/
    3. Most fire departments and police stations collect candy after Halloween for future traumas with children. Children can easily be calmed down with a piece of candy. If the fire departments and police departments have this resource they can use it when needed. Contact your local departments to see if they will be collecting donations this year!
    4. You can even take your candy to a local dentist (if they are participating) for the buy it back program! Dentist will pay usually $2 a pound for your Halloween candy, and with the resultant candy, they will send it overseas themselves. Visit http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com/ to find a location that is participating near you!

There are endless opportunities on what you can do with your excess Halloween candy! Don’t let it sit in the closet all year when there are great causes like these and many others!

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