What Sexuality Are You
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What Sexuality Are You

There are a lot more than you would think.

What Sexuality Are You

First and foremost, it's important to understand that although there are many different sexual orientations, no one is required to shove themselves into a little box for someone else's comfort. Human sexuality is extremely complex, and it is always subject to change.

If you are reading this article because you are interested in possibly learning a little more about how to express yourself, how to understand those around you, or just learn some more about sexuality in general, then this is the article for you. Just know that it is perfectly fine to define yourself as simply "you."

It is also important to note that while there are several levels of sexual attraction and orientation, romantic orientation can be different. In other words, if someone is sexually attracted to both genders, they can still only have an emotional, romantic desire for one gender. The two are not mutually inclusive.

So without further adieu, here's a list of sexual orientations.

1. Heterosexual

Otherwise known as "straight," is the most common sexual orientation worldwide. While you probably don't need the definition, in terms of humans it is someone who is sexually attracted to people of the opposite gender.

An example is a relationship between a man and a woman. If you know your biology, or just Greek prefixes, "hetero-" means other, or different. So heterosexual just mean being attracted to the other gender. Granted, that was based on the misconception that there are only two genders, but that's a story for another day.

2. Homosexual

"Homo-" means same, therefore homosexual is defined as someone who is sexually attracted to people of the same gender.

Some examples of homosexuals are Lesbian (women who are sexually attracted to women), and gay (men who are sexually attracted to men).

3. Bisexual

Contrary to all the bi-erasure in today's society, bisexual people do exist. They are people who are attracted to two genders. Whether that be men and women, transmen and men, transwomen and women, or transmen and transwomen; as long as they like two genders, they are considered to be bisexual.

4. Queer

Honestly, anyone who is not straight can label themselves as queer. The term is used by many people who do not feel like they fit into any of the sexual orientations.

5. Pansexual

Polysexual is almost like bisexual, except it does not limit the genders in which they are sexually attracted to just two genders.

Basically, pansexuals accept that they can be sexually attracted to a person, not just their body parts or gender identifier.

7. Demisexual

Many people are demisexual without even realizing it. These are individuals who only become sexually attracted to people after forming a strong emotional bond.

Any of the sexualities previously listed can fall under this category. A straight person and a pansexual person alike can be demisexual.

8. Asexual

This one is a difficult concept for many people to understand. Although there are many subsets within the Ace community, asexual generally means someone who does not have sexual attraction for anyone (they are only romantically interested in the person).

"How is there anyone who doesn't want to have sex?" Well, there are a lot, so get used to it.

9. Autosexual

Autosexuals are sexually attracted to themselves. Need I say more?

10. Androsexual

Some people are sexually attracted to men, or people with masculine features. While "andro-" means masculine, it's an important note that not every masculine person is male, or identifies as a man.

11. Gerontosexuality

This is defined as sexual orientation to primarily elderly people.

12. Gynosexual

The opposite of androsexual, gynosexuals are people who are sexually attracted to women, or people with feminine characteristics.

13. Heteroflexible

Sexuality is fluid. Heteroflexibles have mostly heterosexual sexual attracted, but they are open to sexual attraction to other genders.

14. Objectumsexual

I think a lot of us mock this sexuality by saying things like "food porn," and other sexual terms to describe non-sexual, and very non-human things that we find pleasurable.

But this is the legitimate sexual attraction to inanimate objects, so remember that the next time you decide to make a joke.

15. Sapiosexuality

We've all heard the saying, "intelligence is sexy." Well sapiosexuality is the term for that. These are individuals who are sexually attracted to the intelligence of a person.

Sometimes, or a lot of the time, it's not so much sexual attraction as it is general attraction considering sapiosexuality is often a branch of the asexual community.

16. Zoosexuality

Just because someone is attracted to animals, does not mean that they practice bestiality.

However, zoosexuality is the sexual attraction to non-human animals. Many are attracted to specific species.

So, there are a few from the extensive list of sexual orientations, and it's ok to not fit into any of them. For a semi-complete list of sexual, attraction, and romantic orientations, you can visit https://ageofshitlords.com/complete-list-of-all-tu...

Thanks "Age of Shitlords"! And thanks everyone for reading. Hope this helped you in some way or another!

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