What It's Really Like To Be Unemotional
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What It's Really Like To Be Unemotional

There is no shame in being unable to cry.

What It's Really Like To Be Unemotional

Being unemotional isn't necessarily a bad thing. For some people, it is just how you naturally are. You know without a doubt if you fall into this category probably because your friends have told you countless times. Anyone who considers oneself unemotional can agree on a few realities of such a lifestyle.

Your friends always make fun of you for not having emotions. This making fun is all out of love, of course. And then the second you actually cry at something they will never let you live it down.

You have to try really hard not to laugh at people who cry at the dumbest things. Like, really? Crying is NOT necessary about 90 percent of the time people do it. Sometimes it's okay but movies, commercials, songs, pictures of puppies, or happiness are no reasons to cry. Get a grip, please.

You're always having to reassure people that being unemotional does not mean you don't care. Just because I choose to not show my emotions does not mean I don't care about anything. Sometimes the unemotional one is the one who cares most and is actually the most compassionate friend. You just have to give them the chance to show emotions in their own way.

You get bored easily and you aren't exactly the relationship type. You might feel like the man in a lot of relationships because you just aren't exactly the touchy-feely, "lets talk about our emotions" kind of gal. I'm sure once the right person comes along you will be able to let all these emotions out but for now that would just be a waste of time. Not every person you talk to will be the love of your life, anyway.

You also get over things super quickly. If, by some miracle, you actually like someone long enough to get feelings for them and he hurts you, you move on real quick. You don't dwell on the little things or let them keep you down. You pop right back up to your normal self. This also goes for arguments with friends.

You tend to make more decisions based off logic. This can help you in the long run. You are able to put emotions aside and truly make the best decision. Well, most of the time at least.

When you do get feelings, they scare the living hell out of you. We all know it will happen to us one day and wow, is that scary to think about. You also tend to run away from these emotions because you have become so comfortable not showing them for so long now. Keeping your emotions in is what makes you feel strong and safe. Be careful to not hold feelings in if it actually feels okay to let them out every now and then.

Remember that just because you don't show emotion does not mean you are a cynic or don't care about people. You just have a different way of dealing with what goes on inside you. You keep it inside. The people who really matter will learn this about you pretty quickly and be okay with you and your unemotional, often sarcastic self.

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