What Really Happens When You Live With Your Best Friends

What Really Happens When You Live With Your Best Friends

As told by the cast of "Friends."


People always say, "Don't live with your best friends. It will ruin your friendships and you'll hate each other." I'm sure there is some truth in that, but what I've found is just the opposite. My relationships with my bffs/roommates have strengthened immensely.

There are times when we argue, of course. But when you live with someone, you learn how your personalities mesh. You have to see them again, so you learn how to resolve arguments and move on. My roommates and I have a lot of laughs and a lot of tears, and I wouldn't trade living with them for anything else.

I've found the Chandler to my Joey. And if you live with your friends, you know exactly what I mean. We are ready for a TV network to start filming our crazy lives any day now. Here's 20 reasons why living with your best friends is the greatest thing ever, as told by the cast of Friends:

1. You can say goodbye to secrets

2. They push you through the hard times

3. They don’t judge what (or who) you bring home

4. You learn to be straight up with each other

5. They are always there to join in on your shenanigans.

6. They always listen to your stories, no matter how ridiculous.

7. You learn to cook together

8. You always get their best advice

9. You are always learning new things from them

10. You constantly make fun of each other with the understanding that it is out of love

11. You keep each other in line with chores and cleanliness

12. You spend so much time together and click so well that you might as well be dating.

13. The party is only a few steps away

14. You get really lonely when you are the only person home

15. There are no boundaries

16. You are always happy when you’re reunited

17. Your closet gets a whole lot bigger

18. They support you through everything

19. You get the best wing-men

20. You have someone there for you, no matter what time of day it is

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