Don't try this at home. Because honestly, you may not be happy with your results.

I don't really know why I thought it would be a good idea to text my friends and ask them if I was a good person... But I'm happy with the answers I got.

And once I started asking people, I couldn't stop.

I am endlessly thankful for the people I asked, and their responses made me cry out of sheer happiness. I could not ask for better people in my life, and I could not have gotten better responses.

You know, they say not to worry about what people think about you. But, I think it matters a whole lot what the people around you think about you. I learned so much about myself and who I am as a person, and I can proudly say, I like who I am, and I love what the people around me had to say about me

So, here's the idea. I texted quite a few people the question, "Do you think I'm a good person?" And I got quite a mix of responses.

So before I let you read them... why should you or.. shouldn't you do this?

Well, if you like knowing how other people feel 100% not censored, I say go for it. Because this experience was so eye-opening for me. If you're not ready to hear what other people think of you, then don't do it.

(I'll bold some of the stuff that meant the most to me) So here's what I got...

1. "I think you're a good person but you have done things to make me feel like you haven't cared. Overall yes, though."

2. "I think you're a wonderful person. You're always there for me. You're so caring and loving. I'm honored to call you my friend. I love you so much."

3. "I think you're an incredible person. And by incredible, I mean that you're real, you don't do anything to impress anyone. Everything you do, you do because you want to, not because you think other people want you to. I've never met anyone like you before Deanna, you listen to everything anyone has to say, and you know what to say to make it better. Honestly, to call you a good person would be an understatement, Deanna."

4. "I mean yeah why wouldn't you be? Like everybody has their bad days but there hasn't been a time where I know if I needed you, whether we hadn't talked or were fighting that if I reached out to you, you would answer me immediately and be there to help me or talk to me or calm me down or whatever"

5. "Yeah, why? Tbh I prob wouldn't talk to you if I didn't think you were a good person."

6. "Yes. I think you're a great person. I've never seen you go out of your way to wrong someone for no reason. You are almost always in a good mood/always cheer people up. Or at least me. You got a positive vibe and it's kinda chill. I don't know, spending time with you is easy like I don't want to kill myself when I'm talking to you. Speaking of, you're really easy to talk to. You always seem to be there for your friends if they need it. I really appreciate this. To sum it up, I appreciate you and your friendship. I don't know where I'd be or what I'd be doing without you. I love you, Deanna. Thank you for being my best friend."

Before ending this article, I'd like to point out that the people I asked... Some I've been friends with for 6+ years... others I've only known for a few months. Some I have a strong bond with, other's I can say I don't know too well. I haven't even met one of them.

Overall, I'm happy with what people have to say about me. Would you feel the same?