Rainy Days
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Rainy Days

It's all fine unless you had plans to be productive today.

Rainy Days
Thanun Buranapong

For those of us who are stuck working while it rains, the day is very different from rainy, lazy, days where we can read and relax at home. Several different types of careers are affected by the rain, from those who spend all day indoors to those that have to work outside or with children.

1. Drivers

From commuting to work on the highways, to bus drivers taking kids to school or public transportation like cabs taking people around town, rain is a bother that's barely better than snow.

2. Customer Service

On rainy days, those who work in retail or customer service deal with muddy floors, grumpy customers and more. People who work in these places have either really slow or really busy days when it rains, and every place is different, but rain makes the day longer for everyone.

3. Teachers/Students

When you work with kids, outside time is essential to the teachers' sanity at times. Having to figure out what you're going to do with a bunch of energetic kids all day, when they can't get their energy out in any other way, is difficult on rainy days. For students, rain can make a day worse just because of the lack of sunlight. For college students, rain means walking long distances with, most likely, no umbrella and no coat in sideways rain and rivers in the sidewalk.

4. Optimists

For some, the rain is greeted with joy. For the effects it brings on nature, the rainbows after, and even the acts of jumping in puddles and playing in the rain, an optimist will most likely enjoy the rain.

5. Pessimists

For those of us who see the glass as half empty, rain just makes the day worse than it most likely already was. From needing to find an umbrella and the hassle of carrying it around all day, to having to deal with

6. Mid-Western States

"it's been so rainy that I don't know what my hair type is anymore."- quote from my friend's sister, Sarah.

As a citizen of Indiana, rain is heavy on and off for weeks at a time and with the water table so low that the puddles last forever and the river is almost flooded several times a year.

7. Weekends

On rainy weekends, the best part of a rainy day is the ability to just sit and read a book or clean the various parts of the house/ room/apartment that you wouldn't on other days. Unless you have plans to go somewhere outside all day, the rain on a weekend isn't nearly as bad.

Whether you're working or not, rainy days are special. Special to an optimistic person means that they will think of how much good the rain will be for plants or for lowering the humidity in the area, while a pessimistic person will worry about driving in the pouring rain or about the river flooding. ("Because it's the fourth day of rain this week and the White River is already high.")

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