While I may not be an animal science major myself, many of my friends are. As an Agricultural Communications senior, I understand the struggles many of us ag students face every day from those who just don't understand. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the statements every Communications major is tired of hearing and this week, a few of my fellow aggies (specifically animal science majors) got together and began discussing–which later turned into a very heated discussion–about statements they are tired of being hit with. Here are just a few.

1. Don't bring your un-neutered/not spayed dog to the dog park.

Unless you want me to lecture you for two hours.

2. Don't tell me everyone needs to become a vegetarian.


3. And don't even think about telling me I don't care about my cattle.

I love my moo moos more than you love your Fido.

4. “Farming isn't a real job."

No. Just no.


This one will just get you punched.

6. “So you want to be stuck on a farm your whole life?"

This is an insult because as a matter of fact, I do.

7. Never tell me you drink almond milk because cow's milk “has antibiotics" corrupting it.


8. And no, I don't know what your animal is sick with.

Again… stop assuming we are all aspiring vets.

9. “I support PETA, and you should too."

PETA is a joke and so are you.

10. And on that note, don't argue and tell me HSUS helps millions of animals.

Yeah, no. Your local shelter is run by local donations. HSUS donates less than 1% of donations.

11. Chickens are vegetarian animals.

Um no, actually they're omnivores. Chickens need meat too.

12. STOP calling the screaming “goat" in the Taylor Swift spoof music video a goat.


13. Don't assume I'm going to vet school.

There's more to my degree than just becoming a vet.

14. Don't even get me started on Chipotle.


“I have no idea what you guys are talking about." – my Human Sciences friend who remains uneducated regarding the agricultural industry (not without various effort).