What You Need To Know About Joining A Sorority
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What You Need To Know About Joining A Sorority

The bond with our sisters is one of the strongest we will ever make.

What You Need To Know About Joining A Sorority
Aubrey Green

It's recruitment week here on my campus and in the tedious process of convincing people to at least go to the info nights, I'm answering constant questions that mainly consist of "So don't you guys just like, party all the time?", "Where does all that money even go? It seems like you're just paying for your friends." and "I'm definitely not one of those girls, why would I even consider it?"

Through pop culture and over-dramatized Hollywood films, incoming freshmen and their parents have this preconceived assumption that fraternity and sorority life only consists of partying, drinking and having sex.

I don't blame them; it's difficult to see past highly appropriated stereotypes when you have no experience or observation of said group.

If you're considering joining Greek Life or if you just don't really understand what it's all about, here are a few main points I'd like to point out.

We're not all sluts

Sorority women are some of the most hard-working, strong-willed, driven and kind people I know. Yes, we like to have fun with our friends on the weekends but that doesn't have to include getting wasted and sleeping with frat guys. We love movie nights and campfires and just hanging out with each other.

We do a lot of volunteer work

We are required to complete a certain number of service hours per semester. If we do not meet these requirements, we are put on probation and unable to participate in some events. Sororities and fraternities value service and take it very seriously which is why we all contribute to our own philanthropic organizations.

We have a minimum GPA requirement

In accordance with our chapter's standards, we are also required to meet a minimum GPA each semester. A lot of my sisters spend a good chunk of their time in the library. We often go together in groups to help each other out and motivate each other.

Our dues go toward our organization

Contrary to common belief and even to what it may seem like, we are not "paying for our friends". The fees we pay go toward chapter functions and sisterhood events. They're also broken down to support individual positions in the chapter such as paying for t-shirts and taking care of the sorority house.

We're not all rich

Yes, dues can get expensive but that doesn't mean that all sorority girls are just rolling in mom and dad's money. Most of us have jobs that help us pay our dues. The financial chair of your chapter will more than likely be happy to work with you to figure out a schedule so you are able to pay your dues and simultaneously live on food that isn't ramen noodles and granola bars.

The bond with our sisters is one of the strongest we will ever make

So why are sorority girls so over-the-top excited to welcome new members and hang out with their sisters? It's all part of being part of the organization. We love welcoming new ladies into our organization and sharing with them the values of our sisterhood. Being in such a close-knit organization brings us closer together and friends and sisters who all share common values; how could we not love each other?

We're not a cult

Each sorority has their own ceremonies in which they celebrate their organizations. These are lovely ceremonies, not scary chanting or ritualistic activities.

We wear matching outfits to unite us as an organization, it's really no different than wearing the same NHS robes for graduation or the same FFA jackets in high school. The songs we sing are long-standing traditions that again, celebrate and unite us as a sisterhood.

We do not haze

As I'm sure you've seen in all the movies, fraternities and sororities make their pledges do some sort of ridiculous or even humiliating task in order to join their chapter. I can't speak for other universities; I don't know what goes on in other parts of the nation, but there is a strict anti-hazing policy that is enforced nationally. Hazing is against the law and any fraternity or sorority that is caught hazing can be fined, put on serious probation, or even shut down.

At my university, there is no hazing, and I've never even heard of it happening in the past. The purpose of Greek Life is to build connections and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood, not to humiliate new members who want to share those values with us.

You're not signing your life over to us

The most common question I hear during recruitment is "Well how much time does it take up?" Please remember than when you join a sorority, you aren't relinquishing all your free time. Being in a sorority helps you learn to manage your time and take on several responsibilities at once but I definitely wouldn't say it's too overwhelming. Yes there are mandatory events that you have to attend such as weekly chapter meetings, Panhellenic meetings and philanthropy events but they aren't going to take up an entire day.

Additionally, the secretary of your chapter probably has a system in place where you can have excused absences. Above anything else, we are students and we are in school to learn. You never have to worry about putting your sorority above school, family, or making money.

Being sorority women teaches us how to build professional communication skills, understand the importance of service work, find lifelong friends, manage our time and simply being outstanding women.

So if you're considering going Greek or even if you're just not so sure what it's about, take some time to learn and try something new.

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