What My Best Friend Cannot See

A few things I wish my best friend could see.

One thing you will possibly never understand is how much you actually mean to so many people. You feel worthless, fat, ugly and a waste of space, but this is not what I see in you. You have so much potential and you fail to see it. I just want you to be able to see yourself through my eyes because I see so much in you. Here are a few things I hope one day you’ll see through your own eyes.

You are worth so much.

You are loved by many. You might not see it, but there is so much love for you. Your friends and family, we all love you and you mean so much to us! There are more people that love you than you care to think. You might think the only people to care are those that are close to you. In the contrary, people that are your only acquaintances are there for you as well.

You are beautiful.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. One day the perfect guy will get to see that. Hold on young one your time to shine will soon come! You might not be model perfect, but I don’t see anyone as truly being that perfect. Even the models have their flaws, from defective skin to gaps in between their teeth, they are not perfect.

You are not fat.

Yeah, you might not be the healthiest orange on the tree, but together we will work on it and accomplish what we hope to accomplish! Together we will take this journey to make ourselves healthier and better!

You aren’t a waste of space.

You were put on this planet with a purpose! You are here for a reason, accomplish your goals and live your life. You have put a smile on so many faces and I am grateful to have you as that person! I cannot wait to see what your children do because they will have a wonderful mother.

Life is too short to be living a life full of negativity. You shouldn’t have to feel as if that is the only thing you have going in your life. I see so much in you. You are kind, intelligent, and beautiful. You care about so many people, but when it comes to yourself you give up, and I don’t want to see that happen. If only you could see yourself through my eyes and when you do you finally see that you are worth every single minute of every single day. You have your flaws, but you are beautiful to those who matter most.

I will take this journey with you. I promise to be there every time you have a doubt in yourself and I promise to be there no matter how tough the times get! Friends don’t just give up on each other! I promise you are the Yang to my Grey!

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