I asked 12 people the question, “What makes you feel alive?” and these were their answers…

“Laughter.” - Female, 19

“Anything that’s a break from the ordinary. Just going on a walk and spending time with friends and joking around or even spending time with my little [sister] who has so much curiosity and and imagination right now at her age, I guess it’s the small things that make me feel alive.” - Female, 18

“Loving and receiving genuine love back from people.” - Male, 20

"I feel the most alive in the small moments of seeing God’s beauty displayed in my life. It’s when I’m riding down a backroad in my hometown with the windows down, or worshipping alongside of my family on a Sunday morning, playing my favorite song on the piano, sipping coffee on a main street and talking to old friends, painting on a rainy day. It all reminds me that life is so good because of the little blessings, that’s when I feel the closest to Jesus. that’s when I feel alive." - Female, 19

“Being on stage; there’s nothing like stepping out into that light on opening night and singing your first note or saying your first line.” - Female, 19

“Emotions: they remind me that this is real.” - Male, 19

“Thrills and amusement park rides make me feel alive. I love that adrenaline rush I get from them and I would definitely be into bungee jumping if I wasn’t so afraid of heights. But other than that I also love to walk around the city at night. Just seeing the beauty of how lit it is (pun intended lol); I love the illuminating lights of the city. It’s just amazing to see at night. That’s why I would love to go to NYC just to see that and have that experience. Plus I want to have like a real romance movie type experience just going stargazing with somebody and forgetting all my responsibilities.” - Male, 19

“Affirmation of God’s love.” - Male, 20

“Music actually makes me feel the most alive. When I’m playing a worship song and sitting at my piano I feel the most connected to God because I can really feel who He is in those moments.” - Female, 19

“Sticking my head out of the car window on a highway.” - Male, 19

“Being in the presence of God; summer nights, windows down, music blasting, singing along; running a personal best in track.” - Female, 18

“Serving people and having intentional conversations.” - Male, 19