Okay so we all know that SpongeBob episode where SpongeBob is going absolutely insane trying to write this report about what he learned in boating school. And honestly, this is what came to mind when I thought about my Catholic education. What I learned in Catholic school is.....

1. "Good Enough" is a fabrication of your imagination

If you're part of the group that isn't really "popular" but it's quite all the way down there, than you most likely have no problem with your social standing. You have a few close friends, your grades are solid, and you're working hard. Let's say you start to slip....your grades take a dip, your friends become distant and everything seems to be crashing down. Then you spend your time looking at everyone else wondering how the hell they have it all together so well.
The thing is, they don't. I can promise you, almost everyone is in the same boat whether they'd like to admit it or not.

2. Just because you go to Catholic school doesn't mean you have to be a Jesus freak

I knew a lot of kids in high school that completely disagreed with church, didn't believe in Jesus, but they were doing just fine in school - better than I was at most times. Many Catholics schools, especially in Theology classes will shy away from a real understanding of faith and head more towards the "you have to believe in this" mindset. And that is what I think causes a lot of students to hate it. There should still be a little bit of freedom. Students should be able to be themselves - it's bad enough they have to deal with the judgements of other students, you don't need to add on judgements of teachers just because faith and values are different.

3. "Good morning Sister" wasn't a waste

Depending on which school you attended you probably had either Priests or Sisters roaming the halls, and if your experience was anything like mine, you most likely gave a greeting. You might have thought that it was stupid back then because in our society people rarely do the "good morning" thing unless you're working right? But there's a thing about courtesy. It's a sign of respect. And for me, I think it's something that should make a comeback.

4. Solid friendships last in Catholic School

For most people, the same people you went to grade school with are the same people you needed up going to high school with. I know that my best friend from third grade is still my best friend now. You get so used to seeing these people around. they almost become like a second family. A very dysfunctional second family.

5. Save room for the Holy Spirit

If you ever went to a school dance, I don't have to explain.

6. Skirts can't be too short because 1 inch above the knee means you're a slut

I never understood the obsession with the uniform regulations. You aren't in a military school. And plus, Catholic schools already have a certain reputation. It's not like you can save that by going at a girl with a ruler...

7. You will die if you don't say morning prayers

Well if you have different beliefs, screw you because you're gonna have to stand here for an extra 5 minutes. Plus you say prayers before every class.

8. Everyone looks alike on dress down days

The one day you can feel like an actual individual and you still have regulations to follow. So with that everyone wears jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt and if you're a fancy girl, you might do something really fancy with your hair or make up.

9. Sports? Yeah Right - but it's fun to see everyone anyways

If you're in Catholic school there is a good probability that you didn't go there because of the sports team.

10. Catholic School is a very Love-Hate relationship type thing.