What I've Learned After A Year At Odyssey
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What I've Learned After A Year At Odyssey

You never can predict the turns of a rollercoaster.

What I've Learned After A Year At Odyssey

As a writer for Odyssey, there are quite a few things you learn you have to accept in order to last the long haul. It isn’t a simple feat to churn out creative content each and every week. Contrary to popular belief, being a writer for Odyssey is quite a mental obstacle course and having been writing here for an entire year now, I can explain that in full confidence.

I’ve been through the exciting first article launch and the Facebook relatives coming out of the woodwork to express how proud they are.

I’ve gotten the Twitter DM’s of people from high school saying how “[They] always knew you’d end up writing as the voice of the public one day!”

I’ve seen the first dip in shares after the initial excitement wears thin and my Mother is the only one still sharing my articles.

I’ve done the desperate plea to friends to pretty please share my article so I could get the most shares in my community and then actually get money (back when writers received compensation for their work).

I’ve written that article that literally got two shares .

I’ve woken up to find out that that last minute article I squeaked in right before deadline actually went viral for some strange reason.

I've read those quite rude comments left by complete strangers whoa re illiterate themselves.

I’ve experienced the epiphany that anything you write mentioning Billy Joel, beaches, and BECs in a list format will probably go viral.

I’ve learned that Long Islanders like listicles.

I've sprinkled in inside jokes between my friends and me in articles that only they would find funny.

I've probably been the only one to laugh at most of the attempts I've made to be funny in articles.

I’ve been through the debilitating, gut-wrenching, mind-imploding writer’s block.

I've experienced that week when someone really famous died and everyone in the community wrote about them (including myself).

I've compiled a bunch of quotes that are loosely related thematically and called it an article.

I've Googled, "What to write about when you have no idea what to write about."

I’ve done the endless streak of gif-driven listicles for hope of promising page views and lack of better ideas.

I’ve felt the dissatisfaction in my lack of quality.

I’ve felt the disappointment in my lack of originality.

I’ve felt the displeasure in my lack of meaningful and intellectual content.

I've realized that page views and shares are not the ultimate goal.

I've written that risky article your not sure if your family will love or disown you for.

I've written that article that required you fight back tears while typing.

I've written that article simply because I was inspired to.

I’ve gotten to speak my mind and express my opinions on a published Internet platform and it’s truly been a great ride.

I know one day I'll outgrow this platform and inevitably turn in my Odyssey identity. However, I also know that I'll never outgrow the solace I find in writing. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to share my words with my friends, family, and beyond throughout this past strange, epiphany-filled, unpredictable year.

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