5 Lessons I've Learned in my First Year of College

5 Lessons I've Learned in my First Year of College

It's been nearly 8 long months of growth and newfound understanding


Moving away from home for the first time is almost as intimidating as it sounds, especially for a home-body like me. But there's so much excitement on move-in day, that the thrill of starting a new chapter in your life overthrows all of the negative nerves.

Here are 5 tips I have for all of the upcoming first year university students:

1. Schoolwork comes first


Almost everyone enters freshmen year with the desire to party, make friends, and have fun... but classes tend to get in the way. As they should.

I wasn't into the whole party scene, but I've witnessed the negative affects that kind of lifestyle has had on my peers and their motivation to excel in their courses.

So don't neglect your classes, I repeat: Don't neglect your classes!

You may have the urge to skip class or procrastinate on homework, but if you stay on top of your schoolwork you'll be grateful by the end of the semester.

2. It may take time to make friends


When I started college, I expected to make a ton of friends during my first month of classes. Friends I'd see everyday, friends I thought would be inseparable. But I was sadly mistaken.

It took a few months for me to make actual genuine friendships. At first I felt devastated and lonely, and I really questioned whether moving away for college was the right decision.

But all of my worrying was for nothing, because I went into my second semester with more friends than I would have ever imagined. They were definitely worth the wait, so if you ever feel the same just be patient.

3. Get involved


Whether you're interested in joining a club, playing intramural sports, or attending an on campus ministry, just do it!

I think that on campus involvement is a must when it comes to having a fulfilling college experience. Becoming a part of a group with other like minded individuals is also great way to create friendships and life-long connections.

As important as schoolwork is, having people to study with or maybe just to blow off steam, can be extremely beneficial.

4. Don't be afraid of public speaking


Public speaking will be a large part of your college experience, there's no cheating your way out of it. Whether you have to give a presentation in class or ask an important question, don't be afraid. No one is going to judge you, we're all in the same boat.

Everyone gets nervous, and no one has a love for public speaking... don't sweat it.

5. The gym is your friend


Freshmen year can get super busy, but don't let that be an excuse to neglect your wellness. Make the effort to eat healthy food, and go to the gym.

Part of your tuition covers gym costs, so get you're moneys worth!

Keep up with your mental health, as well as your physical health, and get familiar with the resources available to you on your campus.

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