Tips And Tricks For Freshman Year Of College
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7 Things I Wish I Knew Going Into My Freshman Year

You only get one freshman year. Make sure you do it right.

7 Things I Wish I Knew Going Into My Freshman Year

As I'm packing up my bags and ready to head back to school for my sophomore year, I keep finding myself reminiscing on this time last year. I was going to be a freshman, eager to see what all of the hype for college was about and make new memories. Freshman year is not like any other, and this is what I learned in the course of mine.



I KNOW that any advice that any college kid will give to any incoming freshman is this, so you've probably heard it before. It's probably the most important advice to actually listen to, but always the most dismissed. College gives you so much freedom, and going to class is one of them. Walk your classes the day before they start, because campuses can be confusing, especially when you've never had to be on one before. Make a schedule that fits best with you; if you know you're not a morning person, don't sign up for 8 a.m. classes five days a week. Some classes base a lot of points on attendance and participation, so just go. Even if there are 15 billion other things you would rather be doing, just push through it, it's why you're here.



Budgeting is something almost every college kid struggles with, so try and reserve your money while you still can. You don't NEED to buy every new college shirt that you see or Starbucks every morning. Save your money for things you really do need because you don't realize how great having a little extra cash is until you've spent it all.

3. Living with people is not as simple as it sounds

Moving into a dorm with three other people, especially when your roommates are random, can be intimidating. Living with people takes a lot of compromise, no matter what the situation. You have to realize it isn't just you anymore with your family, and sometimes blaring Netflix at 1 a.m. is not going to please everyone else around you. You learn to be more considerate of the people around you and it's a necessary skill to obtain.

4. BUT, roommates can end up being your best friends.


Being just a few steps away from other people can really bring you together. I got lucky with three great roommates, and we got to experience freshman year all together. From breakdowns about classes and the struggles of being a freshman to many, many trips to the dining halls, it really brought us all together. Thanks for the the multitude of jam sessions, Netflix nights, and late night food runs we'd make together and the memories we made because of it. Take advantage of the time you have with your new roommates, because this is the first time you will be living with people besides your family.

5. Take advantage of the dining halls


YES, the dining halls are not the most ideal, but save yourself the time (and the money) and go instead of going out to eat for every meal. It saves the time and energy of cooking for every meal, gives you something to go do with your friends, and let's be real, they have dessert. That in itself is a huge plus.

6. Get to know the people on your hall or in your building


You have an opportunity to meet so many different people in college, and the best way to start is with where you live. Some of my best friends in college are people that lived on my floor, which was such a blessing. On top of that, it gives you extra resources if you need something and builds a sense of community.

7. Make the most of the time you have


You only get one freshman year; one time in the dorms, one time with the full meal plan, and one time where you're coming to college for the first time. It's the most impressionable year of all four (maybe five) of the years you'll be there. You don't realize how much you love your freshman year until it's over and you're packing up your dorm and going back home. Get involved, branch out, and make the best memories that you can.

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