When it's springtime and you’re a dog person, it’s impossible to walk down the street, on the lake fill, or through campus without getting a little distracted. When I say I’m a dog person, I mean I love dogs; I’m that girl who says “hi” to a dog on the street instead of the owner. I also regularly take photos with dogs I think are cute. You know, just in case I might need to reference their pictures later to solve a crime or something. Here are some photos of really, really cute dogs that know exactly what it's like to be a dog-loving human in the springtime.

1. When you're just walking down the street, completely unaware that you might be approaching something really floofy.

2. And then, you spot it.

3. You smile all the way down the street because you're so excited to pet it.

4. Perhaps, a little too excited.

5. You asked the owner if you can pet it: "Please. I am but a college student and haven't seen a dog in real life since November."

6. When they say "Sure."

7. And you get to experience the beauty of dog companionship...

8. ...if only for a few moments.

9. And then you have to say goodbye.

10. You're a little sad.

11. But mostly happy and full of unconditional love.

12. And then you turn around the corner and spot your next furry friend.

13. And you practically run to them.

14. (It's a bit exhausting, but worth it).