If you have a Twitter account, you know that one of the most trending threads are #UnpopularOpinions. I have collected unpopular opinions from my fellow writers, friends, family, and even some that I have found the most entertaining on social media. I also do not agree with all of these, but I found and asked for the most popular that people have seen or have as an opinion.

Be warned: this list could surprise you.

#1. Pineapple, in Fact, DOES Belong on Pizza.

One of the biggest arguments I have seen is if pineapple belongs on pizza, and the polls are in. It DOES belong on pizza! No questions please.

#2. Grey's Anatomy is NOT a Good Show.

I have never understood the hype about Grey's, or the terrible acting, or the obviously fake love stories. But it is NOT that great of a show, and is honestly a pumped up soap opera that reaches millennials.

#3. New Girl is NOT funny, and neither is The Office.

New Girl and The Office have some of the worst humor, IF you could even call it 'humor'. The awkward moments, weird camera zooms, and the actors make these shows not fun to watch.

#4. Water is Wet.

No further questions. Water, is in fact, wet and it always has been.

#5. Domino's Pizza is better than Papa John's.

Papa John's is some of the most disgusting pizza's I have ever had. Fresh ingredients? I think not. Also, the garlic sauce is NOT that great. Sorry not sorry.

#6. Androids are Better Than iPhones.

Apple products have been going downhill for ages, and now the newer iPhones are even more trash. Why can I not charge my iPhone and listen to music? Oh, they changed the headphones so you have to buy expensive bluetooth ones. Don't fret! Android doesn't do this to you! You also have WAY more freedom on an Android.

#7. Babies/Children are NOT Cute.

I've never understood why people thought babies were cute. They cry, poop, pee, and scream 24/7. Not exactly my idea of fun. Also, you can't have much of a life anymore after children. So no, babies are not cute.

#8. Post Malone is not Attractive, or a good Artist.

The fad with Post Malone is so overwhelming. I have never listened to his music, but I somehow know who he is. He's not that great, and ladies, he IS NOT GOOD LOOKING.

#9. Moana is not a good movie.

All Moana is is literally a reverse Little Mermaid. I guess Disney is running out of ideas? The music is a different story: Disney music is ALWAYS good. The story, on the other hand, is not.

#10. Taylor Swift is Garbage.

Taylor Swift was never good, is not good now, and will never be good. Her music is literally like the Family Guy episode; all she does is trash men that she has dated. Get some new material? Please?

#11. Dunkin' Donuts is Trash.

I also think Starbucks is trash, so don't get your britches in a wad. The King of Donuts is and always will be Krispy Kreme. End of conversation.

#12. Mist Twist/Sierra Mist is better than Sprite.

Sprite is way sweeter than Mist Twist/Sierra Mist, and Mist Twist/Sierra Mist is just easier to drink. Who wouldn't like it more?

#13. Just because you wear designer clothes, does NOT make you fly.

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and even Plato's Closet have better clothes than designer brands. And honestly, their clothes last longer and don't rip or fade as fast as designer clothes.

#14. Yellow Starburst are the best.

Do I even have to argue this? And don't even say the pink ones are the best, because they are trash.

#15. Nikki Minaj is better than Cardi B.

Cardi B came after Nikki. Nikki has been making better lyrics than her since she even tried to get big. Sorry, but Nikki is the Queen, not Cardi.

#16. McDonald's Breakfast is gross.

Why are McDonald's stores open 24/7 but they don't serve fries or burgers in the morning? That's just hypocritical. If I want a burger at 5 a.m., I should get a burger at 5 a.m.

#17. Kim Kardashian is NOT a Queen.

Kim K. is cringeworthy and way too in to herself. Why do girls even look up to her? People should look at her as a way to NOT be, not someone to aspire to be like. Sorry not sorry.

#18. Harry Potter is better than Star Wars

Even though I do not agree with this at all, it is one of the biggest arguments I have seen on social media. I love them both equally, but hey, some people don't like Star Wars. But they better not be celebrating May 4th.

#19. Spanking is not Child Abuse.

Spanking has been a form of discipline for who knows how long. Of course, there is excessive spanking and hurting of children, and yes that is considered child abuse. But spanking a child when it is needed does not make someone an abuser.