What Is Wrong With Being Trans?
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What Is Wrong With Being Trans?

The Shocking Answer: Absolutely Nothing!

What Is Wrong With Being Trans?
Raising Our Future

I honestly don't get what the problem is with someone being transgendered, to begin with, but this article is more in response to a video that popped on my feed recently where this girl stood up to ask this guy a question, about how he could not see a difference between gender and sex, and then he tore her a new one.

First, this guy had so much time to prepare for questions directed at him for specifically this type of thing, and this girl had exactly zero time to prepare for his retort. He called her out and made her feel stupid. But instead, I'm going to tell you how I feel.

I'm honestly not going to go toe to toe with this video because watching it once was enough to enrage me, but I will point out a few specific things he said to start. He said that no matter what you do, you're either gonna have XX or XY chromosomes and you're never gonna change that. Okay, that's fine. But really, what does that have to do with anything? Honestly the only reason that should be important at all if for the risk of illnesses or diseases that have higher chances of happening in men or women. But, who's gonna have all that information anyways? Doctors. So guess what, it really doesn't make a difference at all!

Another argument he used was saying things like, "Why aren't you sixty?" or "If you say you are a moose, it doesn't make you a moose." Both of those things have nothing to do with being transgendered and here's why: We haven't developed technology to change ourselves into moose, or to make ourselves younger/older. But you know what we can do? Use science to alter our bodies to the way we see fit.

I 100 percent guarantee you that if someone started growing moose horns, or ended up with some sort of moose DNA hybrid thing (See how ridiculous this sounds just trying to justify it as an argument?) they could probably be in the right identifying with a moose. No, we can't turn into moose (Which is a completely different animal mind you from a human, and not, say, just a different gender of the same species) and we can't affect our age. Yet, who knows what science will let us do in the future.

My point really is why is this such a big deal? Why do people go so vehemently against it? I really don't get it. Are transgendered people getting special treatment because they are changing sexes? No, they get treated way, way worse. Well, are they getting special privileges by switching to the other gender? Again, no, because the idea is that men and women are equal and that no gender is supposed to have an upper hand or stature above the other. So again what is the big deal?

Most transgendered people don't want you to know they are trans, not because they are trying to be shifty, but because they don't want to be assaulted or killed just for being themselves. So a lot of trans try so very hard to blend in and guess what, they do. Most people don't even notice but say you do. Say you see what you know to be a guy, wearing makeup maybe a dress and some high-heels. Well? What now? Tell me what the problem is here? It's literally just clothing or just some product. "Well, it's meant for women!" Who says? If men can physically use it, then it can't be just for women, can it?

Telling people what they should wear or how they should act is just societal constraints that have been passed down and taught generation after generation and there is no need for them. Seriously, how is a guy wearing a dress affecting you? Are you threatened? Is he taking your life or job because he is like that? Is he prettier than any girl you've ever dated? Are you afraid that you're gay now? Guess what? The answer to the first two questions is always no, and the third, that's on you and not them. There is literally no reason not to be okay with a trans-gendered person because their life does not affect you in any way, shape, or form.

People out there, they feel things in their mind and in their heart. What is or isn't okay is always decided by us, the people of this world. We have so much hate, for no reason at all. Who cares if someone identifies with a different sex? It really doesn't affect you. There's no reason to be angry about it. There's nothing wrong with it. Why do you like baseball? No one sits there and beats you to death because they don't like baseball, and they feel it's stupid. Why is that? Because baseball is okay to like by society, and being trans is not.

If you think those things are so drastically different, then let me say this. You can't choose what you like. Tell me, why do you like football? Why do you like a certain television show and not something else? You have certain tastes and feelings, a personality that grew with you based on how you lived, how you grew up and how you were born, and to whom. All of these things shaped you into the person you are today, and you don't deserve any hate for any of the things you like or do. Being transgendered is just one thing that you're not and somebody else is. And just like it's okay for you to be all the things you are, it's okay for someone else to be all the things that they are.

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