Everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving side dish. I interviewed one hundred people, and this is the results I got for which side dishes are the best and which are the worst! Let's start from the worst...

1. Cranberry Sauce 

What even is Cranberry sauce? Why is it a thing? I always pass over it!! Thank u, next.

2. Yams

I yam what I yam... but apparently people don't like yams?!?!

3. Green Bean Casserole 

I love green bean casserole, but it is not as loved as I thought! Hitting as the 3rd worse side, Green Bean Casserole. I guess no one likes veggies for Thanksgiving!

4. Stuffing/dressing 

This one BROKE MY HEART!! If this were my ranking, stuffing would be #1. I love it!! But it was not too high up on the list. How tragic.

5. Dinner Rolls 

This surprised me how high it was ranked... I'm not even sure I get dinner rolls on Thanksgiving because there is so much else to eat... but everyone loves a good dinner roll!

6. Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes, homemade in my opinion, is a fan favorite for Thanksgiving. Especially if they have the skins still in them! Mashed potatoes just barely lost as number 1 side dish.

7. Mac N Cheese 

I am not shocked this ranked as the best - Mac n Cheese is hard not to love! This is the signature dish I bring to Thanksgiving and it always goes over very, very well. My special recipe is to die for!