What Is Sisterhood?
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Student Life

What Is Sisterhood?

You cannot see sisterhood, but you can only feel it.

What Is Sisterhood?
Bri Leifker

I joined my sorority a little over 2 years ago. Over the 2 years I have strived to put a definition on Sisterhood. My definition has changed a million times over my time in my sorority.

I've learned that sisterhood is not about candid laughing pictures

Sisterhood is about who you are laughing with and what you are laughing about.

I have learned that sisterhood is a never ending support system even when you need to take a moment at a semi-formal to cry

Sisterhood is about giving your sisters tough love when they need it and knowing when to be a shoulder to cry on.

Sisterhood is about being able to share what is bothering you in life and knowing that you have sisters that will pray for you.

Sisterhood is unconditional love and support.

Sisterhood is find your home away from home, your 12 am Insomnia Cookies friend, and finding someone to laugh with late at night.

Sisterhood is not about the mixers you go to, the 'friend group' you hangout within your organization, or the spirit weeks you compete in. Sisterhood is not something that you can see. Sisterhood is something that you feel. Sisterhood is about being united. Sisterhood is knowing what you share together is special. Sisterhood is knowing that you have over 150 girls wanting to see you succeed. Sisterhood is knowing that others are looking out for your well-being at all times. Sisterhood is about putting everything aside and being there to pick up the pieces when a sister needs it. Sisterhood is getting that feeling in your gut that you need to see how a sister is doing. Sisterhood is caring so deeply for someone because you are bound by so many secrets and an oath. Sisterhood is never letting anyone walk alone. Sisterhood is so unique, sisterhood is so amazing, and I could not imagine a life without my sisterhood.

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