What is the Montessori Learning Tower?
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What is the Montessori Learning Tower?

Adjustable Learning Towers

What is the Montessori Learning Tower?

Given the method's popularity, many families choose to put their Montessori towers in the kitchen. A learning tower is a safe and convenient way for parents to include their children in culinary tasks like cooking.

What exactly is meant by the term "Montessori Learning Tower"?

A Montessori Learning Tower is a very tall stepstool that enables children and toddlers to view the top of the counters and be at their level. This is because the Montessori Learning Tower is at its level. Children can reach the countertops in a manner that is both secure and comfortable, thanks to the Learning Tower. The Montessori Learning Towers have the appearance of huge wooden step stools, but they also contain support slats made of wood that prevent children from toppling down the tower and hurting themselves.

While most often seen in the kitchen, a Montessori Learning Tower may be used in various settings, from the living room to the art studio. The Montessori Learning Tower may be used to raise a child's working height to that of a counter or tabletop, making it easier for them to do their work.

There are moments when the Montessori environment resembles a mix of a step stool and a high chair. The seat includes slats on all four sides, supporting more minor children and helping prevent toddlers from tumbling off the Learning Tower.

The front and rear slats of the Learning Tower may typically be removed so that toddlers can freely climb up and down the structure. This can also be done when the kid becomes older and the chance of falling off and being wounded decreases. Even though they seem quite similar to step stools, toddlers may utilize them with far less risk than they would with step stools.

Is Montessori Method Used in Learning Towers?

Learning Towers are not an essential component of Montessori, but they are often used in homes that employ the Montessori Method to educate their children because of the method's ability to encourage the development of the child's sense of independence.

Despite this, there are a significant number of homes that use a Learning Tower even if they do not educate their children using the Montessori Method.

The use of Montessori Learning Towers in the kitchen makes it simpler for both the parent and the child to learn using the Montessori method, and it also helps keep children safe while working in the kitchen.

Many parents who do not educate their children using the Montessori Method do, however, make use of Montessori Learning Towers because of their portability and the security they provide for the children.

How exactly do the Learning Towers function?

The Montessori Learning Towers are designed to elevate children to the countertop level, where they may learn fundamental culinary skills and how to utilize the various kitchen appliances.

Children can better master the skill of climbing on something solid and made specifically for that purpose, such as a learning tower, as opposed to something less secure, such as lower kitchen cupboards. It allows them to reach over the counters and see what you are doing, which they are usually intrigued about since you are cooking on them.

Children can acquire fundamental cookery skills in a risk-free environment with the help of learning towers since you can lead them without worrying about falling. Because you instruct them step-by-step on how to do various activities, such as icing a cookie or mixing up some batter, they may also learn to follow instructions via this activity.

Your children may gain self-assurance and independence in the kitchen by using learning towers, which also keep them from being hurt as they work.


Your kid will be able to acquire cooking skills in a secure environment using a Learning Tower and learn how to become relatively autonomous in the kitchen. Even if you choose not to buy a Learning Tower, your kid will still want to acquire culinary skills and attempt to do so independently, even if this presents a potential safety risk.

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