What Is Going On In Syria, And Why Aren't We Doing Anything About It?

Currently, there are many conflicts worldwide that are creating refugees. This influx of refugees is creating a refugee crisis. In war, many individuals become displaced and are forced out of their homes. One of the major refugee conflicts is occurring in Syria. 13.5 million individuals who reside in Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance, due to a war that began in 2011. 4.8 million of those individuals are refugees, and 1.6 million are displaced within Syria, including children. Generally speaking, a refugee can be described as an individual who was forced out of their home country and cannot return back home safely. These circumstances can have both a psychological and a physical effect on a persons health. With that in mind, when the war finally does end, the impact of the war could last them over the course a lifetime.

While people are displaced from their homes for many reasons, individuals of Syrian descent were removed because of the civil war that has originated in Deraa, Syria. This war has been occurring for over five years and has taken the lives of a quarter of a million individuals. It is occurring between those who support Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, and those who do not, who are known as the rebels. The war originated because citizens wanted to protest the arrest of fifteen school children. The reason they were arrested was because they wrote anti-government sayings on the wall with the use of graffiti. Because this happened, citizens started to come together through peaceful protests, asking for the release of the children who were arrested, democracy, and more freedom. The government was angered by this, and responded by killing four of the protesters. The following day they shot at mourners, resulting in the death of another individual. Word of this spread throughout Syria, and citizens started to become shocked and angered which resulted in protests spread throughout other parts of the country.

Not only is the war affecting politics, but it also has an effect on individuals and countries. Admittedly, it is affecting some countries and individuals worse than others. Refugee children are seemingly taking the brunt of this civil war. Not only will it last them, and many others a lifetime of psychological impact, but there is also a physical effect on individuals as well. The children that are affected by the Syrian Refugee Crisis, are at a higher risk of becoming malnourished, getting various types of illnesses, abuse, and exploited.

One of the main targets of this war is hospitals in Aleppo. Here is a video, of a little boy clinging to his nurse:

In what world should this be allowed? Yes, the UNSC (United Nation Security Council) is not allowed to do anything because of The Treaty of Westaphila, but I think an exception needs to be made regarding Syria.

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