This past weekend my friend and I were almost in a very bad car accident while driving to see my parents across the state. To paint the picture for you, a semi truck came across all three lanes on I-4 and we were about 15 feet from hitting its side at forty miles per hour. It was terrifying. I am so grateful I wasn't alone in that moment. I'm even more grateful that God protected us.

In the last year, I have really grown from having anxiety while driving, so after this incident I worried that some of those fears would come back. I began to pray that God would teach me everything He wanted to from this situation. Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." In believing that scripture to be true, I prayed that I would be receptive to that moment God saved my friend and me from being in a much worse situation.

The Lord showed me something amazing. He told me that from the beginning of time, my story was written exactly as it happened. That part of my life always played out as my brakes slowing my car down enough and there not being another car in the lane next to me, allowing my car to miss hitting the semi. There are no "what if's". That moment happened as it always was going to, from the beginning of time.

God is the author of my life and He can be trusted to make my the story good. In fact, He promises to make my story good in Jeremiah 29:11. I can relax knowing that God is my protector. He was looking out for me and He always will.

If you have found yourself in a scenario similar to mine, let me encourage you. Don't forget the goodness of God. He is the author of your story. Don't get caught up in the "what if's" of life. They will drive you crazy and they really are a waste of your time. God has already written your story from start to finish, and I promise yours is so glorious. You can trust in Him.