​11 Reasons I'm Thankful Hillary Clinton, With Her Normal-Sized Hands, Is NOT In The Oval Office

​11 Reasons I'm Thankful Hillary Clinton, With Her Normal-Sized Hands, Is NOT In The Oval Office

A woman as president? No way.

The reaction to the 2016 Presidential Election has probably been one of the most split in decades. Some people were overjoyed to see that the electoral college welcomed Donald Trump into the oval office and others were very much not. When it comes to my own views, there are SO many reasons that I’m so glad Hillary wasn’t elected to office.

1. It would have sucked to have a woman as president.

God, we really dodged a bullet with this one. It was almost too much to have the first POC as president with Obama. But a woman!? Really? Come on, America. Clearly, the best thing for us right now is to have another white, male president. We almost progressed too much there. The best thing for us right now is to go back to the same ideals that the white guys that founded the country had back in the 1700s.

2. Public policy is so much more convenient and professional when announced on Twitter.

Crooked Hillary probably would have gone the traditional route and made an official release of public policy and other important announcements. That would have been a total bummer. As a millennial, I want every single important thing to be sent directly to my iPhone. It would have been a total drag to have PROFESSIONALISM in the oval office.

3. Pride Month may have actually been recognized.

Hillary, an ally of the LGBT community, would have probably made an effort to recognize the community every June. Not in my good Christian White House! I feel so much more comfortable with an administration that ignores this abominable month that advocates for a lack of discrimination and violence against human beings.

4. POC and the LGBT community may have felt safe.

Speaking of, I can’t believe the American public REALLY thought that POC and the LGBT community should feel SAFE. Crooked Hillary may have actually fostered a nation full of people with an attitude of acceptance, support, and without racism, homophobia, and transphobia. Could you even imagine? Immigrants, POC, LGBT people, minorities of any kind….feeling safe!? Nope. Nope. Nope. Thank GOD Hillary isn’t in office.

5. She has regular-sized hands.

If my president doesn’t have puny hands, then they are #NotMyPresident. This is a NECESSITY for a qualified candidate. I can’t believe she even considered running for office; she probably doesn’t even have to custom-order her gloves. The audacity.

6. Hillary actually had government experience.

Senate, secretary of state... what? That would have been ridiculous to elect someone with actual experience to qualify her for the job. I feel much better knowing that the guy with all of the missile codes has next to no qualifications for his job other than bold claims and dangerously enthusiastic supporters. Hosting a reality show is really all you’d ever need. I wonder if Carson Daly is considering a new job?

7. She knows not to poke the bear.

One thing that has been absolutely refreshing within the last year is to see Donald Trump so boldly go after Kim Jong Un with all of his United States-reaching nukes. He really gives no regard to how badly angering North Korea could go. Hillary probably would have wimped out and left him alone with his nukes. I’m glad we didn’t put that maniac into power.

8. Hillary might have chosen to talk to experts about pressing issues.

That would have been idiotic to think of talking to people who actually know a lot about what they’re talking about. I’m so thankful we have Trump to talk to people like Kim K on prison reform. I hope he got some bonus cash on Kim Kardashian Hollywood for meeting with her while he was at it.

9. Hillary may have actually accepted criticism, rather than attempting to discredit those that offered it.

If Hillary had been in office, I wouldn’t have known about all of the #FakeNews out there. I’d always known that journalism can be skewed, but until Trump, I had no idea bad media was as easy to spot as seeing if they’ve ever said something negative about Donald Trump. With this quick indicator, I’ve been able to weed through journalists with ease. Thanks, Don!

10. No wall!

Nothing promotes a positive relationship with other countries better than a dividing wall between us! Hillary had absolutely nothing to bring to the table that topped this idea. I can’t believe she couldn’t cook up a genius idea like this. Let’s make it #TenFeetHigher for some real results!

11. Hillary might have done something about gun violence.

There’s nothing like the systematic death of our children in schools to promote gun reform. With Parkland, Santa Fe, and the countless other school shootings in recent news, many are calling for stricter gun laws. Crooked Hillary may have listened and tried to take guns away from good American citizens! No, no! The right thing here is to do nothing but tweet half-hearted condolences and promise your supporters that they won’t have to worry about losing their extensive assault rifle collection just because of a few “wacky” kids.

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I Might Have Aborted My Fetus When I Was 18, But Looking Back, I Saved A Child’s Life

It may have been one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't had done it.


Due to recent political strife happening in the world today, I have decided to write on a very touchy, difficult subject for me that only a handful of people truly know.

When I was 18 years old, I had an abortion.

I was fresh out of high school, and deferring college for a year or two — I wanted to get all of my immature fun out so I was prepared to focus and work in the future. I was going through my hardcore party stage, and I had a boyfriend at the time that truly was a work of art (I mean truly).

Needless to say, I was extremely misinformed on sex education, and I never really thought it could happen to me. I actually thought I was invincible to getting pregnant, and it never really registered to me that if I had unprotected sex, I could actually get pregnant (I was 18, I never said I was smart).

I remember being at my desk job and for weeks, I just felt so nauseous and overly tired. I was late for my period, but it never really registered to me something could be wrong besides just getting the flu — it was November, which is the peak of flu season.

The first person I told was my best friend, and she came with me to get three pregnancy tests at Target. The first one came negative, however, the second two came positive.

I truly believe this was when my anxiety disorder started because I haven't been the same ever since.

Growing up in a conservative, Catholic Italian household, teen pregnancy and especially abortion is 150% frowned upon. So when I went to Planned Parenthood and got the actual lab test done that came out positive, I was heartbroken.

I felt like I was stuck between two roads: Follow how I was raised and have the child, or terminate it and ultimately save myself AND the child from a hard future.

My boyfriend at the time and I were beyond not ready. That same week, I found out he had cheated on me with his ex and finances weren't looking so great, and I was starting to go through the hardest depression of my life. Because of our relationship, I had lost so many friends and family, that I was left to decide the fate of both myself and this fetus. I could barely take care of myself — I was drinking, overcoming drug addictions, slightly suicidal and living with a man who didn't love me.

As selfish as you may think this was, I terminated the fetus and had the abortion.

I knew that if I had the child, I would be continuing the cycle in which my family has created. My goal since I was young was to break the cycle and breakaway from the toxicity in how generations of children in my family were raised. If I had this child, I can assure you my life would be far from how it is now.

If I had carried to term, I would have had a six-year old, and God knows where I would've been.

Now, I am fulfilling my future by getting a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, having several student leadership roles, and looking into law schools for the future.

Although it still haunts me, and the thought of having another abortion truly upsets me, it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I get asked constantly "Do you think it's just to kill a valuable future of a child?" and my response to that is this:

It's in the hands of the woman. She is giving away her valuable future to an unwanted pregnancy, which then resentment could cause horror to both the child and the woman.

As horrible as it was for me in my personal experience, I would not be where I am today: a strong woman, who had overcome addiction, her partying stage, and ultimately got her life in order. If I would have had the child, I can assure you that I would have followed the footsteps of my own childhood, and the child would not have had an easy life.

Because of this, I saved both my life and the child's life.

And if you don't agree or you dislike this decision, tough stuff because this is my body, my decision, my choice — no one else.

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Pete Buttigieg Is On Everybody's Radar Now, But Can Mayor Pete Really Become President Pete?

Charisma, polyglot and success in reviving a Midwestern city make him a viable candidate for president. But will this hold?


At the time of writing this, at least 18 people are vying for the Democratic Party nomination to challenge Donald Trump during the Presidential election in 2020. This includes some heavyweights, such as Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Cory Booker. There are also fringe candidates, like Andrew Yang. Then there are the formerly fringe candidates. One person fits that bill: Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Pete Buttigieg has erupted as a potential candidate for the Presidency. He recently took 9% of a recent poll in Iowa, the state that begins the general election season. The question is this: why has he gained so much traction? There are several potential reasons.

First, Mayor Pete has, at least compared to Trump, significant governmental experience as the mayor of South Bend. He has been mayor since 2011. He began his time in office at the age of 29 and has since been re-elected with 80% of the vote in 2015. His success in the city has shown: the city experienced significant growth following a population decline between 2000-2010.

The Mayor has also spearheaded some rebirth projects in the city, including converting the old Studebaker plant in town into a tech hub, conversion of the city streets downtown, and millions of dollars of private investment into the city. As a result, Mayor Pete can tout his success here as examples of why he could be president.

Other supporters claim that he is immensely talented and intelligent (though I do not like this reasoning). Mayor Pete was a Rhodes Scholar after attending Harvard. He knows myriad languages, including Norwegian. He is well-acquainted with various philosophies, including that of well-known intellectual Antonio Gramsci, whom his father has written on.

Though this line of thinking is flawed (I mean, Julian Castro attended Stanford, Cory Booker was also a Rhodes Scholar and Elizabeth Warren lectured at Harvard Law School), it is easy to see WHY he resonates: when compared to the President, Pete is levels above him.

Finally, a lot of what he says resonates with people. He speaks about his faith with fervor and honesty, something I appreciate greatly. He talks about the virtues of progressive politics and supporting policies like universal healthcare, labor unionism, combating climate change among other policies. His youth ideals combined are valued by many.

However, Pete still has his critics. Concerns about the gentrification of the city, wiretapping, and targeting of vacant properties that led to accusations of targeting of minorities in the city are what concerns many people. There were also previous issues with the police chief in the town, who recorded conversations, and who he demoted, which raised concerns for racial bias.

Whether or not this affects the primary at all is anyone's guess. However, he has momentum. Maybe Mayor Pete will become President Pete someday.

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