What I Learned About Life After Witnessing A Woman Having A Seizure Next To Me

What I Learned About Life After Witnessing A Woman Having A Seizure Next To Me

Never take the people who're about you for granted.

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I recently came home from a destination wedding and the sun really dried out my hair. I decided to come in and get my hair fixed when I got back so it would look nice and fresh for the summer. I was reclined in my salon chair with my head in the divet of the sink my hairdresser was washing my hair in when another hairdresser brought a very soft-spoken middle-aged woman to the sink next to me. This woman (let's call her Jill) called out for her friend who was waiting for her outside of the salon. Her friend rushed in with her husband and they urged the hairdresser she had to not call emergency services because she will be alright.

While I was listening to this going on, next to me I kept wondering why they were saying those specific instructions to the hairdresser? Then, Jill closed her eyes and started seizing in the chair next to me. I was shocked while Jill's friend, her friend's husband, and her hairdresser were completely unfazed by this. Jill seized for several minutes until she finally relaxed and came to. Her friend's husband helped Jill out of the chair since Jill could barely move after that seizure. I later learned that her seizures happen all of the time and that out of Jill's 9 other siblings, only 3 of them associate with her anymore, including the woman who I thought was her friend.

After that happened, I sat back while my hairdresser continued to work on my hair and thought about what life would be like in her shoes. Who would stick with me if I was that ill? Who in my life would be there when I needed them the most? I started realizing how many people in my life I could actually call a true friend because being strong enough and being able to love someone else enough to take care of them during the worst takes more courage and love than you can imagine. I can see how a lot of people would run when the going gets tough and I can see how one thing you cannot control can make people run. It takes a true soul to really be there for you through thick and thin.

Nowadays people are so fickle and can care less about one another if it's not benefitting them in the way they want. I think that was the most important lesson I learned after witnessing that. I took a step back and started to think hard and clearly about who in my life has actually stayed with me and who have only been there for the highs and have taken advantage of me during my lows. We take those true friends for granted and never let them know how appreciated they are anymore, so they feel as if they did all of this work for nothing. Think back to the people who have truly supported you no matter what. The people who give you the advice you need and have loved you even when you can't love yourself. Thank them for everything they've done because it takes a lot more courage to stay then it does to leave.

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