Screams, slamming doors and tear filled Fridays are what vibrates through the upstairs of my house between my sister and I. My sister and I have a two year and ten day age difference, and for a majority of our lives were known as "the girls", a title that we could not fight nor control. My sister is as hard headed, stubborn and snotty as I am. And some of it is my fault, I understand. But I want to go through some of the predicaments you will find yourself in if you have a little sister. Prepare yourselves, people.

1. Stealing clothes

They will steal everything you own. Sometimes just because they know you want to wear it. Shoes? Gone. Favorite sweater? Nope. Then after they steal it, you won't see it for months and they'll pull the "I'm not sure where it is, but get out of my room." The best example I have of this is when my sister stole my brand new sweatshirt, left it in her gym locker without a lock, and it ended up getting stolen.

2. "Whatever you think"

I am as guilty as my sister about this one. A simple response of "whatever you think" can turn a disagreement into World War Three. This is when my sister starts throwing punches. It doesn't ever get as bad as when asking if they think you look bad and they respond with "whatever you think".

3. Simply being rude

I try my hardest to be friends, even just civil with my little sister. I mean, my last year in high school, I don't want us fighting right before I leave for college. It's probably the last year we'll ever live together. But she has an attitude I have never seen before. "Brat", "b****", ugly" all the time. I hold my tongue, except the one time she called me one of those names and I smashed the smoothie I bought her onto her carpet. Oops.

4. Constant comments of how I am not cool enough

I adored my older sister for all of the years she lived at home. Even to this day I think she is the coolest, sweetest person I know. But to my little sister I am the worst. I am boring and obnoxious. Given that I do really enjoy sitting in her room when she has friends over and just messing with them, I like to think I'm a pretty chill and nice person.

My sister and I are very different people, who most of the time drive each other insane. After all these situations, I still would fist fight anyone who dare hurts my sister. I adore her for her huge heart, her drive to help others and sensitivity (seriously, major cry baby). I can't wait for her to visit me at college and help me babysit our older sister's kids one day. If you have a little sister, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't have a little sister, I'm sorry for you. Because it's one of the most fun jobs I've ever had.