What Happened To 'Chill' Summers?

You are ending your freshman year of college and about the enter the most amazing time of the year. Summer! You go nine months for 17 years of your life awaiting these precious two months where you get to enjoy long days at the beaches and endless nights out by the bonfire eating smores and laughing with the people you love most.

Little do you know, your summers are about to get real messy. You're a broke college student looking for any job you can get to help you make some doe for the school year awaits you. There is a possible internship on the line, but its non-paying and you need that money.

But this internship is with Kate Spade and would look bomb on a resume. Your best bet is working on the weekends and doing the internship on weekdays. You get off of work at 5 Monday through Friday. But you have some summer work that must be completed. On weekends, you begin working at 1 p.m. and work throughout the night. So where did the free time go?

What happened to the fun, laid-back summers with the girls?

Summers are no longer all sunny skies and green grass anymore (well mentally). You are realizing you're growing up. It's time to begin keeping a calendar and setting reminders. Summer is where you gain skills that you didn't think you'd ever get. These short two or three months will make you more organized than you've ever been. It will begin with bad habits and end with good habits and routines.

Summers are no longer there for you to sit back and relax. They're there for you to realize what life is and to prepare you for your bright future. For you to learn to balance your time and for you to appreciate and take advantage of the free time you do have. Summers will not only teach you to be independent but they will teach you that time is precious and it's important to use it wisely. Every minute of it.

So don't let summers be stressful. Let them teach you more about yourself than you have ever known. You will be amazed at the person you've become by August of your sophomore year of college.

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