What Do GCSU Students Really Pay For?
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What Do GCSU Students Really Pay For?

At the beginning of every semester, we all get a bill from Georgia College and we all pay it because we need to attend our classes. But has anyone ever really looked at it to see what we pay for?

What Do GCSU Students Really Pay For?
Natalie Warren

Most students don't know that they pay $1,011 for a lot of different services that the school offers. Below are the different fees we each pay every semester:

Sustainability Fee-US ($5 per semester)

This is a "green fee." Not sure what that means, but I'm assuming it goes towards making our campus more eco-friendly.

Semester Bobcat Card Fee-US ($9 per semester)

Gets us a school ID which freshman need to get into their dorm buildings and upperclassmen tend to lose.

Transportation Enhancement Fee ($10.50 per semester) AND Parking Fee-US ($64.50 per semester)

These fees go hand in hand. Basically, if you don't go to the depot to get a parking permit then you are wasting $64.50 every semester. The parking fee is charged to all students whether they have a vehicle or not. The transportation enhancement fee is charged to anyone who has either a commuter or resident parking permit. All in all, we pay $75 per semester for transportation services and maintenance of parking areas. Lol at professors who complain about paying $80 a year for parking. Try $75 a semester like students do.

Sem Activity Center Fee-US ($42 per semester)

This fee pays for the purchase and renovation of the Student Activities Center. This is where Magnolia Ballroom and "The Den" is, as well as the location of student meetings and space that organizations can use. Also, the fee helped fund the Irwin Street parking lot. My question is this: that's all done, now what is our money going towards?

Semester Tech Fee-US ($68 per semester)

This fee goes towards supporting the Library and Instructional Technology Center (LITC) which allows students to checkout equipment (cameras, laptops, chargers, ect..) and supports technology in the classroom. So if you are studying at the lib and have a great study room but forget your charger, you can borrow one from the library!

Semester Activity Fee-US ($86 per semester)

This fee goes to recreation sports, Student Government, and student publications like "The Colonnade".

Semester Health Fee-US ($95 per semester)

This provides funding for the Student Health Center (open from 8:15am - 4:30pm M-F). It supports the operational costs and any health education program costs associated with the health center. It also pays for some operational costs for wellness center and a clinical psychiatric nurse for the counseling center. This is where the money for the free condoms in the health center comes from.

Wellness Center Fee-US ($175 per semester)

This is quite the hefty fee. This fee pays for our amazing wellness and recreation center. If you don't take advantage of the group classes, workout equipment, basketball courts, pool, lazy river, and so much more, then your $175 is going down the drain.

Semester Athletic Fee-US ($181 per semester)

Again, wow. We pay $181 to get free admission to all athletic events for Georgia College as long you bring your $9 bobcat card ID. So get your butt to the next basketball game or baseball game because we pay $181 a semester to get free admission to it.

Institution Fee ($275.00 per semester)

Last but not least, the institution fee. This fee was created in 2009 (8 YEARS AGO) by University System of Georgia by the Board of Regents in order to continue funding for higher education during an economic crisis and all colleges and university students pay this. Okay.

All in all we pay a shit ton of money for a lot of things and most students don't know about it. I hope you are encouraged to go to a baseball game or use the wellness center because we blindly pay $1,011 for this stuff every single semester.

**Disclaimer: this information was was taken from: http://www.gcsu.edu/sites/files/page-assets/node-309/attachments/student_fees_2016-2017.pdf**

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