The Important Lessons You Learn Freshman Year
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Freshman Year Will Teach You How To Manage Your Mental Health, Adapt To A New Environment And Find Your Relaxation

At some point, you realize that there are better options than suffering from your misgivings.

Freshmen gathered together for "Throw down"

Going to college is a very challenging feat for anyone, despite what some people claim. Change is hard to accept, and being surrounded by new faces, new places to go, and new issues to overcome, does not make that change any easier. Freshmen, I know how rough it'll be in the next 9 months because I've been there. And going through these tough times is almost inevitable. Just know that next year you'll have a lot more figured out.

You'll have a better understanding of your school's layout.

Even if you don't get to every nook and cranny at your school, you'll feel more secure going into your second year because of the familiarity.

You'll know where to get the best food on campus.

Everyone needs to eat and you may suffer through some rougher or un-filling meals for the first few weeks of school before venturing to new places for better food.

You'll be better at recognizing when you need help.

As a freshman, you think you have to bear the weight of your issues all on your own, but at some point, you realize that there are better options than suffering from your misgivings.

But you'll also know what you can handle.

If you take 16 credits your first semester, you're going to know whether you balance more or less. You going to know whether pushing yourself or finding secure footing is the best option.

You'll know who (or what) to turn to when you're upset.

Whether you need to call your parents at least once a week for advice, rant to your BFF about your problems, or simply scribbling in a journal, you will find out what kind of communication you need to deal with problems.

You'll learn when you need a break.

College shouldn't be just powering through every single day with no relaxation in sight. College is about balancing what you want and what you need, and sometimes, you may actually need a nap, not just want one.

But you'll also learn that breaks need to be well-spent.

Taking a break does not mean going to a party the night before a test, nor does it mean hanging out with friends when you should be writing a paper. Plan ahead so you can enjoy your breaks and free time without having consequences rain down on you.

And you'll figure out that freedom comes at a cost.

As a college student, you now have autonomy over your own time, personal money, and will. But you may make some stupid decisions before you learn to reign in your carefree spirit. Try not to let your newfound freedom impact your academics, but if it does, know that other people have been in your shoes and you will survive as they did.

You'll wonder why you were always so stressed.

Every little thing seems so scary freshmen year, but a year later, you know what you actually need to stress about and what will probably be easy enough to figure out.

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