Valentine's Day means a lot of different things for different people. A lot of women have high expectations for this day. Maybe it's because our elementary schools spoiled us by having a flood of valentines come in every year in our handmade mailboxes, or the carnations delivery service our middle schools participated in. Maybe we had fathers or grandfathers who set the bar high in the romance department, or maybe it's simply in our nature to long for romantic gestures.

Guys everywhere are asking: What's the point? Why get her flowers? They'll just die.

What's the point, you ask? Flowers will wilt and chocolates will be eaten, but there is so much more meaning that goes way beyond the materialistic gifts that come with Valentine's Day. It's all about the thought behind the gift. Women need to feel appreciated and most importantly special. They want to feel like you thought of her, that you appreciate her, and that you're choosing her today and every day. Courting a woman doesn't stop after your first couple of dates, which is why Valentine's Day is so important. Of course, you should be doing little things to make your loved one feel special every day. We shouldn't need a day to show our Bae that we love them, but in today's busy world, we kind of do. Our lives become so busy that we often forget to show our significant other just how much we care about them. I know that many deem Valentine's Day a useless and superficial holiday, but maybe we need it more than you think. Women actually look forward to this day, because it's a chance to feel special and loved. I think we could all use a day like that in today's world.

I'm not saying you have to break the bank. It's not a superficial concept- I swear. All I'm saying is: show her that you care. That's it. Make her dinner, get her a happy meal if she digs chicken nuggets, buy her a card for a dollar. All you need is a small gesture. If you can't afford a box of chocolates, grab her favorite candy bar- she'll just be happy that you remembered. Show that you know her. That's what counts. Show that you actually listen to her. Maybe money is tight and you can't afford flowers- remember that time she told you dark chocolate is her favorite? Great- go grab her some. It's not about how much money you spend (although, if you want to spoil the hell out of your girlfriend and you have the means to do so, go you!!) All I'm saying is- show her that you care to the best of your ability. I understand that romantic gestures aren't really the norm, so take this day and make an exception. Your girlfriend deserves to know that you care about her- and that's not too much to ask.