What I've Done To "Prepare" For Finals

What have I done to prepare for final exam week, you might ask? Well...nothing. But it's not because I don't care about finals; trust me, my big college goal is to graduate with a 4.0 GPA. This school has a weird way of doing finals though (no offense, CSE). At my last college, your last class day was also the day of your final, which was simple enough to grasp. But here, the semester ends on the ninth and I've got professors telling me our last day is the first but our final is the seventh, and it's been confusing the hell out of me. Though, I'm learning that this might be the normal way to do finals and I'm the crazy one. Either way, it's been stressful, so here's what I've done to "prep" for finals and relieve some stress.

1. Become the very best like no one ever was

Pokemon Sun and Moon came out not long ago, and, naturally, I had to buy it. In case anyone's curious, I got Pokemon Moon and chose Popplio as my starter (best decision ever, by the way).

2. Assume my role as mayor

Don't worry, guys. I'm not actually an elected official (I think it'd be a little scary if I was). However, I am the proud mayor of my Animal Crossing New Leaf town. Unfortunately, I may or may not have ditched said town when I pre-ordered Pokemon...

3. Snapchat

As my one friend from my last college can tell you, I have a lot of pent up pettiness and sass that I like to release all that with the assistance of Snapchat's adorable deer filter. I find getting out any sass or pettiness or whatever in a fun manner is good for everyone.

4. Clean

I'm telling you, sometimes you just need to channel your inner Mrs. Doubtfire and dance with your vacuum. Or, at least have some fun while you clean. Personally, I enjoy tidying up my dorm with The Addams Family Musical soundtrack in the background.

5. Remember Christmas is almost here!

Ugh, I just love Christmas! I love how snow looks on the trees, I love seeing lights and ornaments covering the tree in my living room, and I love how Christmas means seeing all my friends and family. Seriously, could anything be better?

6. Make lists

I'm, like, the queen of making lists. There's a bunch taped to my wall and left on my desk telling me what to pack for winter break, what I'll need for next semester, which groceries I'll need to buy, what I need to bring back from winter break...well, you get the idea.

7. Catch up on sleep

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my sleep. I've literally woken up only to announce five minutes later that I'm ready for a nap. Sleep is precious to me, so you can bet I'll spend any free time I have after "prepping" for finals catching some Z's.

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