What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About Who You Are IRL
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What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About Who You Are IRL

Are you more of an Ariel or a Belle?

What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About Who You Are IRL

We all have a little bit of princess in us.

Every single princess portrayed in the movies is unique, talented, and strong in her own ways, just like we are. More often than not, our favorite princess says a lot about who we are and what we strive to be. Check out what your favorite says about you!

1. Rapunzel

You're fun-loving, outgoing, and have tons of hidden talents! You can be a little bit naive at times, but it makes you more sensitive and empathetic towards other people. You are loyal, trustworthy, and make an amazing friend.

2. Anna

Silly is your middle name! You're energetic, determined, and loyal. You can be a bit awkward and clumsy at times. Even when the odds are stacked against you, you'll do whatever it takes to achieve success, especially when it includes your loved ones.

2. Elsa

Princess? No, you're a queen. You've worked hard to overcome self-doubt, and your confidence shows. You are protective of your close ones and always put them before yourself. You have strength that is incomparable.

4. Belle

Like Belle, you are unique, compassionate, and intelligent. You look for the best in people. You believe in second chances and changing for the better. No matter what, you'll defend and sacrifice for those you care about.

5. Anastasia

If Anastasia is your favorite princess, you seek adventure. You can be stubborn, but you're also silly and playful. You care deeply for your family and friends, and celebrate living life to the fullest.

6. Tiana

You are a hard-working go-getter and family is super important to you. Just remember that you need to dedicate some time to take care of yourself too!

7. Merida

You're courageous, strong-willed, and know exactly what you want. You welcome differences and embrace change with open arms.

8. Megara

You are independent and like to handle things on your own. Don't forget that sometimes welcoming help and opening your heart can be a great thing.

9. Cinderella

If Cinderella is your favorite, you're a dreamer. You work hard in hopes of bettering your life. You believe in true love and happy endings.

10. Moana

Top word to describe you: driven. You don't give up and you don't give in. You want the best for those around you and strive to help them find happiness.

11. Jasmine

You don't allow your path to be laid out for you. You make your own choices in life and choose your own destiny. You're independent, confident, and fight for equality.

12. Ariel

You long to understand others and walk a mile in their shoes. You're curious, vivacious, and beautiful. You'd literally cross oceans for the people you love.

12. Esmeralda

You celebrate the differences in people. You're generous and always look out for the underdogs around you. You believe in acceptance, equality, and loving everyone.

13. Snow White

If Snow White is your favorite, you appreciate nature. You're sweet and always maintain hope. No matter the darkness of a situation, you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

14. Aurora

Along with loving to sleep, as most of us do, you're humble and kind. You believe in the power of love, and your inner-beauty shines just as much as your outside beauty.

15. Pocahontas

If you're like Pocahontas, you are one with nature. You thrive off of the natural world and the spiritual connection you feel to it. You're brave, caring, and strive for peace.

16. Mulan

If you love Mulan, you value loyalty, honor, and strength. You'd do anything for your loved ones and your community. You defy society expectations and challenge the norm every day.

17. Alice

If you're anything like Alice, you're imaginative and curious. You love surrounding yourself with unique people who offer new perspectives. You thrive off of energy and adventure.

18. Tinkerbell

You are feisty and hot-tempered, but only because you're passionate. You obviously believe in the magic of life. Although you're really sassy, you care deeply for your loved ones and will always try to keep them out of harm's way.

19. Jane

You are patient, kind, and open to new things. You enjoy learning and traveling. No matter how tough it is, you try your best to understand the misunderstood. You make everyone around you feel included and important.

Which princess did you get?

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